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Hazardous Chemicals & Employer Liability

I work around hazardous chemicals at a petroleum plant and developed serious health problems. Is my employer to blame?

Any chemicals or toxic substances at a workplace that can cause harm are defined as hazardous chemicals. They can include fuels, paints, solvents, dusts, and other hazardous substances. Federal laws governing worker health and safety currently regulate exposure to about 400 hazardous chemicals and toxic substances.

The laws set out specific exposure levels that limit the amount of a hazardous substance that a worker may be exposed to in an eight-hour work day. The exposure levels vary depending on the toxic substance. Employers must use protective equipment and other protective measures to keep employees' exposures within prescribed limits. Safety equipment such as respirators and other measures must be approved by an industrial hygienist.

Federal law requires employers to provide workers with workplaces that are free of recognized hazards that may cause serious physical harm or death. Unfortunately, some employers put profits ahead of worker safety and don't focus on safe work conditions as they should. If you have developed an illness or disease through exposure to unsafe levels of hazardous chemicals or toxic substances, you may be entitled to recover financial compensation.

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