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Industrial Accident Blog

  • 20 Years Ago: The Ford Rogue Power Plant Explosion

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 21-Feb-2019

    On February 1, 1999, a powerful explosion shook the community of Dearborn, Michigan. As confused residents looked for the source of the disturbance, tall plumes of smoke greeted them—they were emitting from Ford Motor Co.’s Rogue power plant. Later, it would be revealed that a blast at the plant killed six workers and injured 14 more. An investigation revealed that blatant neglect of ...
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  • Case Filed on Behalf of Man Who Lost Finger

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 8-Feb-2019

    Arnold & Itkin recently filed a case on behalf of a hardworking man who was injured while on the job. Our client's employer failed to maintain the equipment used by its employees, and a dangerous table saw caused our client to lose his finger. To make matters worse, the employer is a workers’ compensation non-subscriber, so our client did not receive the compensation needed for his ...
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  • Montgomery County Industrial Plant Fire Injures Two

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 24-Jan-2019

    Early this afternoon, an industrial plant caught fire and injured two workers. The accident occurred at 10625 Jefferson Chemical Road in Conroe. The area has numerous industrial plants, including three involved with pipeline production for the oil and gas industry. Early reports have revealed that both injured workers are electricians who were servicing an electrical panel that exploded. Officials ...
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  • OSHA Safety Requirements for Walkways and Scaffolds

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 22-Jan-2019

    Maintaining safe walkways is one of the most basic ways employers are required to protect worker safety. Industrial settings have dangers that can make even the simple act of walking dangerous. In fact, OSHA’s research shows that falling from heights is one of the most common fatal dangers faced by workers in industrial settings. Two of the top three citations given by OSHA officials include ...
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  • Flame-Resistant Clothing Requirements

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 8-Jan-2019

    Workers in industrial settings face a heightened risk of burn injuries. Some electric arcs and flash fires reach temperatures that are hotter than the surface of the sun. When a person suffers burn injuries, they face a lifetime of medical struggle and a reduced quality of life. The Occupational Health & Safety Administration requires fire-resistant clothing b ecause of the prevalence of burn ...
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  • Houston Refinery Accident Injures Two Contractors

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 6-Jan-2019

    On Saturday afternoon, a catastrophic accident occurred at LyondellBasell Houston Refinery in southeast Houston. The accident left one contractor impaled by a pipe; he was later airlifted to a nearby hospital for medical attention. Another contractor suffered injuries, as well, although there is no further information available about what occurred and how severely he was injured. According to a ...
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  • How to Prevent Dust Explosions

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 26-Dec-2018

    When listing volatile explosives, very few people consider dust to be an explosion hazard. However, airborne particulates from organic and metal materials have the potential to cause devastating explosions. Industrial plants that handle food, tobacco, textiles, pesticides, and fossil fuels are just a few of the locations where dust explosions have been known to happen. What Causes Dust Explosions? ...
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  • Case Filed on Behalf of Injured Construction Worker

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin, LLP || 19-Dec-2018

    Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Caj Boatright, Alison Baimbridge and Roland Christensen filed suit today in Lubbock County, Texas against a construction company. This company failed to follow proper safety procedures when transporting ladders, and an employee was injured as a result. Due to the company’s failure to use the freight elevators and to follow safety protocols, a ladder fell on our client ...
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  • Case Filed on Behalf of a Family Who Lost Their Father

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 11-Dec-2018

    Arnold & Itkin is proud to represent the wife and children of a man who was crushed to death on the job with heavy equipment. The defendants exposed their employee to danger by failing to secure the heavy equipment that ultimately killed him. The incident occurred at Port Freeport in Freeport, Texas. It is the employers’ responsibility to ensure that all equipment is secured and safe to ...
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  • When dust explosions happen, the Chemical Safety Board leads the investigation of the accident. Now, the CSB’s future is looking increasingly uncertain as pressures increase to eliminate the crucial safety board. The board started operating in 1998 for the purpose of determining what causes serious industrial accidents. Any explosion, fire, leak, or spill qualifies for a CSB investigation. ...
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  • Working at Amazon: The Costs of Extreme Efficiency

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 28-Nov-2018

    Last week, two Amazon employees were killed after an Amazon Fulfillment Center collapsed on them. Andrew Lindsay and Israel Agorteia were identified as the only victims in the Baltimore warehouse. The building likely collapsed due to strain caused by severe tornado weather that hit the area. Reports indicate that the weather caused enough damage to displace as many as 64 residents. Both men were ...
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  • The Savage Grain Elevator Explosion: 40 Years Later

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 12-Nov-2018

    On October 3, 1978, an explosion ripped through a grain elevator at Port Bunge in Savage, Minnesota. The blast took the lives of 3 men, and the incident killed an additional person who was crushed while clearing rubble from the explosion. The entire community of Savage was left shaken and traumatized. However, time moved forward. The grain elevator was rebuilt, and a structure still stands where ...
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  • Case Filed on Behalf of a Man Injured on an Oil Rig

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 1-Nov-2018

    Arnold & Itkin Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Kyle Findley, Kala Sellers, and Adam Lewis filed suit in Tarrant County, Texas on behalf of a Louisiana worker who was injured on an oil rig. Our client sustained serious injuries when a steel beam fell on him as a rig was being disassembled. The company responsible for disassembling the rig failed to properly operate the crane that dropped the heavy steel ...
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  • What Rights Does OSHA Guarantee to Workers?

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 22-Oct-2018

    For hundreds of years, Americans paid for their country’s expanding economic power with their lives. As the nation’s economy rapidly grew during the Industrial Revolution in the late 19 th century, American workers did their work in alarming, inhumane conditions. By 1970, the death rate for American workers was high enough to warrant Congress' attention. The resulting Occupational ...
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  • The Unseen Danger of Industrial Worksites

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 15-Oct-2018

    Workers at industrial sites face an intimidating number of risks each day. High pressures, volatile chemicals, dangerous machinery, and falling from heights are just a few of the common hazards commonly referenced by safety advocates. However, people often fail to include an unseen danger that is nonetheless prevalent in industrial environments: toxic gas exposure. Those who are employed in places ...
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  • Suit Filed on Behalf of Young Amputee Victim

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 12-Oct-2018

    Arnold & Itkin LLP recently filed a case on behalf of a young man whose leg was traumatically amputated at a Concho worksite in West Texas. His injuries will require lifelong medical care and have rendered him unable to work to provide for himself or his family. He turned to our industrial accident lawyers to fight for the money his family will need for the rest of his life. Amputation ...
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  • Case Filed for Industrial Worker Crushed by Equipment

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 8-Oct-2018

    Arnold & Itkin Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Kyle Findley, Kala Sellers, and Adam Lewis filed suit in Lavaca County, Texas on behalf of a young woman who sustained serious injuries in an industrial accident. Our client had three of her fingers partially amputated in an industrial accident. Her accident was a result of Kaspar Companies, Inc. failing to provide their employees basic, yet critical, ...
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  • The Dangers of Diesel Exhaust in Industrial Sites

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 20-Sep-2018

    Working at an industrial site is a dangerous job that exposes workers to hazardous chemicals and complex equipment. One of the most dangerous fuels that industrial workers can be exposed to is diesel. Diesel fuels a variety of equipment used in transportation, mining, construction, and manufacturing. When in use, diesel produces a mixture of gases and particulates. This mixture of gases can be ...
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  • How Machinery & Equipment Safety Guidelines Protect Workers

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 10-Sep-2018

    Working at an industrial site requires employees to work with heavy and complex machinery. If a machine has an issue, it can inflict serious injuries on workers. It is vital for both employers to follow the Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines when it comes to heavy machinery. The Worker's Obligation Machinery should always be used safely and according to the employer’s ...
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  • At Least 10 Injured in Chicago Water Treatment Plant Explosion

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 30-Aug-2018

    An explosion occurred around 11 A.M. on Thursday morning at the Calumet Water Reclamation Plant located in the Far South Side of Chicago. The blast is suspected to be caused by a buildup of methane gas, but the exact cause is pending investigation. It was initially reported that 10 people were injured in the blast. One witness stated that the explosion had enough force to lift the roof off the ...
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  • Common Causes of Oil Rig Explosions

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 20-Aug-2018

    Oil rig workers are exposed to numerous dangers in the workplace. Because oil rigs house hazardous materials, a variety of factors could trigger a tragic incident. One of the most catastrophic accidents that can occur at an oil rig is an explosion. With the high use of electricity and fuel to run different machinery, even a tiny spark could ignite an explosion. Common Causes of Oil Rig Explosions ...
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  • Major Causes of Industrial Fires & Explosions

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 10-Aug-2018

    According to the National Fire Association (NFPA), an average of 37,000 fires occur in industrial and manufacturing properties every year—with an average of 16 killed, over 250 injured, and more than $1 billion in property damage. These incidents occur frequently for many different reasons. However, most of them lead back to employer negligence. Below are some of the most common causes of ...
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  • Rochester Factory Accident Creates Fireball & Burns Two Workers

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 7-Aug-2018

    On Monday afternoon, an explosion occurred at a factory in Rochester, New York. Authorities initially responded to reports of an individual on fire at Arconic Fastening Systems. When they arrived, they found two men with critical burn injuries all over their bodies. Both men were taken Strong Memorial Hospital and no further details about their condition have been released. Upon investigation, the ...
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  • Five Injured in Back-to-Back Pipeline Explosions

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 1-Aug-2018

    A pipeline exploded near FM 1379 and State Highway 158 in Midland, Texas around 11:30 A.M. At about 12:30, a second explosion occurred at the pipeline. Five people were injured in the second blast, with one needing to be airlifted to a nearby hospital in Lubbock. Portions of SH 158 are closed as firefighters work to control the situation. Officials have provided no other details about the injured. ...
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  • Utah Gas Plant Explosion Injures Two, Causes Severe Burns

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 30-Jul-2018

    Last Saturday, two men suffered serious injuries when a gas plant erupted in flames near Cisco, Utah. The plant explosion occurred around 10 AM at the San Arroyo Gas Plant, a location that provides compression for the area’s natural gas pipelines. Both men were significantly injured and were described as being “badly burned” by the Lower Valley Fire Department. They were ...
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