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Fatal Industrial Accident Statistics in Texas

Posted By Industrial Injury Attorney || 26-Dec-2011

By compiling the most recent data from the United States Department of Labor, an industrial injury attorney from Arnold & Itkin LLP can provide you with information regarding fatal industrial accident rates between 2003 and 2010.

In 2003, a total of 491 fatal industrial accidents occurred. To break down this number, 70 fatalities were due to contact with objects and equipment, 52 were due to falls, 51 were due to harmful substances or environments, 201 were due to transportation-related incidents, 27 were due to fires or explosions, and 90 were associated with assaults and violent attacks. A large portion of these accidents occurred in the 35-44 year-old age group. Furthermore, the data shows that fatal accidents were more likely to occur to a male worker than a female worker.

In 2010, the total of fatal industrial accidents decreased to 456, with 64 due to contact with objects, 50 due to falls, 53 due to toxic exposure, 196 due to transportation, 18 due to fires and explosions, and 74 due to assaults and violent acts. During this year, the most fatalities were associated with the 45-54 age group. Again, an industrial fatality is more likely to occur to a male than a female worker.

Fortunately, with the ever-increasing drive to push for safer workplaces, the fatality rate has decreased in the state of Texas. If you or someone you love has been injured or killed at an industrial workplace, you will need the legal assistance of an industrial injury lawyer at our firm. We have helped dozens of families recover millions of dollars for their loved ones injuries, and we are ready to help you as well! Contact an industrial injury attorney at our office today for a complimentary and confidential consultation with our law firm. We serve clients in the state of Texas and throughout the United States.

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