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Flash Fire Strikes Conoco Natural Gas Plant

Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 23-Aug-2012

At 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, August 22, during a planned maintenance operation, a flash fire struck ConocoPhillips' natural gas processing plant in Lost Cabin, Wyoming before quickly extinguishing itself. In the aftermath of the event, four of the plant's contracted employees were transported to a local medical center to receive attention for the injuries that were sustained during the incident. Since yesterday morning, all statements concerning the fire, as well as all personnel of the plant, have been accounted for and it has been made clear that no gas was released, nor was a mandatory evacuation of the local community made.

One statement that was made in regards to the incident was from a spokesman from the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality who indicated that the plant has been idle since the first of the month to accommodate the maintenance being done. Now, the maintenance project has been suspended altogether and investigations are planned to begin immediately in order to determine the cause of the plant's unexpected fire. Since it was evacuated, the facility has remained free of visitors, personnel and all employees. The only people authorized to remain onsite or visit the plant are critical response personnel.

In incidents of this nature it is absolutely crucial that evidence is preserved and an attorney is retained as quickly as possible. Industrial plant accidents rely on substantial evidence to support the claims that are made – evidence that will add to the investigations being made, rather than detract from the source of the problem. With a proven attorney on your side, it will be much easier to gather the evidence you need to effectively support any type of claim you wish to make, especially in regards to a plant explosion that resulted in unexpected property damage and/or personal injury. A lawyer can help make sure that the investigation begins promptly and ensure that it is conducted with a thorough attention to detail and comprehensive understanding of the situation.

Knowing that plant explosions are commonly incited by negligent actions of the plant owner is not enough to build a case. To successfully bring a case to court and resolve the issue in your favor, you will need sound evidence that has been preserved from the actual scene of the incident; you will need resources from an attorney who has handled these types of cases before and you will need investigators who know what to look for in their search of the fire that resulted in physical and / or personal damages. In essence, you will need an attorney from Arnold & Itkin LLP.

Since the inception of our firm, we have successfully recovered more than $1 billion for the clients we have represented. Our success stems from our understanding of the law and what it takes to effectively address industrial accidents in court. Here, we are dedicated to helping victims hold responsible parties liable for the actions that ultimately led to harm. Our fearless approach and sound understanding of industrial accidents / personal injury law has proven to be successful on a number of occasions, and we are confident in our ability to do the same for you. Whether you are personally suffering from a plant fire or you are looking for information on behalf of a loved one whose life was lost or critically endangered, we are here to help.

Industrial accidents, especially those involving unexpected fires that led to personal harm, require nothing short of excellent legal representation. It is only with a qualified legal professional on your side that you will be able to effectively bring forth evidence that may support your claims and ultimately earn you the compensation that you deserve. At our office, your first consultation is free and it is at this time that we will review your case and inform you of the next appropriate steps to take. Moving forward, our services will be completely free of charge – from the investigation process, to the evaluation process, all the way to a trial hearing if need be – and we will not expect payment unless we are successful at obtaining compensation on your behalf. There is absolutely no time to waste in matters of this nature, so act now and contact our firm today. We feel confident in saying that you will not regret your decision to do so.


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