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Ex-NFL Players Suing for Concussion Damage

Posted By Industrial Injury Lawyer || 3-Feb-2012

A group of 12 former NFL players are suing the league for injuries they say they sustained during their playing years. This may seem ridiculous; knowing the nature of the sport, just about every player is injured, but the group of former players is saying that the league covered up or minimized many injury cases and didn't warn of the possible long-term damage it could cause. The players who received concussions suffered from brain damage and other permanent and crippling disabilities.

The players are claiming that the league made the players take Toradol before and during games. Toradol is a painkilling drug, but makes injuries incurred during the game worse. Because the players were on Toradol during game-play, they didn't realize how serious their injuries were and didn't give their injuries the proper treatment. Some of the other side effects these players are suffering from are depression, memory loss, headaches, and difficulty sleeping.

Often injuries are the result of employer negligence, like these ex-NFL players are alleging. Employees not only have the right to be informed of workplace risks, they have the right to safety and their employers are responsible for maintaining that safety. In 2009, industrial injury attorneys Kurt Arnold, Jason Itkin, and Mike Pierce resolved a maritime case for $14 million. The offshore worker was hit in the head by an improperly placed pipe which caused a serious head injury. Our legal team was able to obtain the $14 million settlement before the case went to trial. Contact an industrial injury lawyer from our firm today to see how we can help you after your injury.

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