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Fracking Creating Possible Health Risks

Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 6-Sep-2012

Hydraulic fracturing is commonly explained as the process that breaks away at rock layers using pressurized water power. This process is also known as “fracking”, and is specifically done in order to release natural gasses from the rocks such as shale, tight, or coal seam gas, or other substances like petroleum, and more. The state of New York, however, is questioning the health risks that this process might create for the general population if exposed to these chemicals. The state legislatures are considering the fracking process to possibly be part of the major controversy regarding the natural gas drilling process.

Not only is the state concerned with the health of its people, but also the environment in general. Last Tuesday various groups met including the New York State Department of Health as well as the Department of Environmental Conservation to address their many concerns. The issues that arose in discussion were the dangers of contamination if there were to ever be a spill, water and air pollution could cause an extremely high amount of health risks to those who are exposed. Major environmental group representatives were involved in this important meeting and their main goal was that extensive health assessments conducted by independent medical experts would be administered before any drilling operation is given the go to start their drilling process.

One of the representatives from the Department of Environmental Conservation acknowledges the various concerns regarding fracking, and for now they considering different options for the concerns that were addressed by the public at the meeting on Tuesday. For now the state is going to monitor the health impacts on the state whenever fracking is taking place, though unfortunately this is the only step of action they are taking at this time. This concerns the different groups because surveillance isn’t considered to be a step of action towards making changes in the drilling process that will place the public at less of a risk.

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