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Fire at Exxon Refinery; 12 Workers Injured

Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 17-Apr-2013

In Beaumont, Texas 12 contract workers were injured this morning when a fire broke out at the site. According to Yahoo! News, the fire started on a shut hydrotreater heat exchanger at the refinery. The hydrotreater is a part of the refinery's system for removing harmful substances from feedstock, and makes sure that all motor fuels from Exxon will comply with the federal environmental regulations.

The Exxon refinery in Beaumont produces about 344,500 barrels per day. The workers were allegedly welding on a section of the heat exchanger when the fire started because of sparks from the welding process. Thankfully, the fire was contained and put out in a short amount of time, but not before 12 workers were injured by the blaze.

Reports say that three of the workers are in critical condition after being burned in the fire. Six of the employees that were injured at the site have been transported to hospitals for treatment and further medical evaluation. Medical helicopters could not be sued because of poor weather, so all injured workers were taken to the hospitals by ambulances which were seen coming and leaving the refinery at about 11:30 a.m.

The Exxon unit has been shot down for repairs at present, and all refinery employees have been accounted for. Exxon released a statement that declared that they are sorry about the accident and will conduct a complete investigation to determine the cause. Residents surrounding the refinery say that they never heard the siren that is supposed to be sounded to announce that there is a fire at the industrial location.

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