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OSHA Encourages Businesses to Post On-Job Injury Records Online

Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 12-Dec-2013

The government already requires all employers of large companies to keep detailed records of on-the-job injuries that occur at the company. Yet the Obama administration wants to take things one step further by requiring the businesses to post those records online. With the records online and easily available to the public, the Obama administration thinks that they can further workplace safety.

Manufacturers and businesses are not too keen on the idea. In fact, many businesses are pushing back, claiming that the information posted online could be misinterpreted. The government says that the new rule about posting injuries online would not come with any new injury recording requirements.

It also will not affect small businesses that have less than 20 employees. Firms that have between 20 and 250 employees will be required to report their injuries once a year. The OSHA says that they will restrict this to industries that have high illness and injury rates.

Employers that have more than 250 workers will be required to report their information quarterly. The OSHA says that they will take care of the posting. They just need businesses to send all injury reports to them and they will make them available online. The OSHA says that businesses will have to own up to their injury rates if they are in the public eye.

This will encourage businesses to do all that they can to reduce these rates. The OSHA also observed that thousands of companies are proud of their injury rates and willing to make them public. It is the companies with poor rates that are pushing back against the statute. The government entity says that they hope that public posting will nudge employers to identify workplace hazards.

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