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Arnold & Itkin Represents Dozens of Workers from Geismar Explosion

Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 1-Jul-2013

In June of 2013, a chemical plant exploded in Geismar, Louisiana—causing injuries to more than 70 people and killing 2 others. According to the initial report released by the state Department of Environmental Quality, the explosion and subsequent fire released exorbitant amounts of substances, including:

  • 23,000+ pounds of propylene;
  • 2,000+ pounds of ethylene; and
  • 5,6000+ pounds of other volatile organic carbon material

All in all, more than 30,000 pounds of volatile organic carbon material was released, as well as 85 pounds of soot. While monitoring of the area has not revealed any unsafe chemical levels, there have been significant complaints from local residents—ranging from respiratory problems to eye irritation to headaches. Currently, investigations are underway in regards to the exact cause of explosion and fire at the Louisiana plant. While there are no official findings, investigators are focusing on the outdated plant equipment (ex: heat exchanger and piping) as a potential cause of the explosion as the equipment was supposedly showing signs of aging.

At Arnold & Itkin, we have seen all too often how outdated equipment and negligent management can lead to tragic incidents such as the plant explosion in Geismar, LA. Throughout our legal careers, we have made it our mission to help those who have been victimized by accidents such as these—especially those that could have been avoided through due diligence and care. For example, we helped represent 27 crewmembers victimized by the Deepwater Horizon explosion, and have been involved with helping those injured in the BP Texas City explosion, as well as other plant & refinery accidents. Now, we are focusing our efforts on representing dozens of workers from the Geismar explosion and helping them to recover.

"Right now we are focused on our clients," said Attorney Kurt Arnold. "We want to ensure that they get the best medical treatment possible."

Our firm recognizes that the safety and well-being of workers can often be put onto the backburner in large industrial plants—resulting in accidents that cause life-changing, and even fatal, injuries. As a firm committed to justice we believe that we should not only work to help these workers recover, but also seek to put an end to these tragic accidents. By attacking policy, regulation, and more, we will fight for worker safety.

"This is yet another senseless tragedy," said Attorney Jason Itkin. "We will work tirelessly to determine the cause of this explosion and ensure that worker safety becomes the number one priority at Louisiana plants."

If you or someone you care about was injured in an industrial accident such as this, and would like to discuss your case with a seasoned legal professional, we encourage you to reach out and contact our personal injury law firm as soon as possible. We have recovered more than $1 billion in verdicts and settlements, and we are committed to the success of our clients. Call us today for your confidential case consultation.

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