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UPDATE: Louisiana Chemical Plant Explosion 1 Dead, Over 70 Injured

Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 14-Jun-2013

Thursday's plant explosion was a devastating accident for the people of Louisiana as over 70 victims are suffering from various levels of injuries and one has already been reported dead from the disaster. The victim who suffered fatal wounds was a 29 year old husband and father who worked at the Williams Olefins chemical plant located in Geismar, LA. The hazmat team located his body during the site inspections yesterday afternoon; he had only been working at the plant since October 2012. The chemical plant covers over 25 acres and as a result of the explosion, hundreds of workers fled the scene in panic and fear for their very lives.

The community was not aware of the explosion initially, having believed that an earthquake instead was shaking their city. It wasn't until they witnessed the flames and smoke stretching into the sky that they realized it was another plant disaster. At this point investigators are still very uncertain as to what may have caused this deadly explosion at the chemical plant. The health officials have reported that at this point one person has been reported dead and there have been 77 individuals taken to the hospital for treatments of both minor and critical injuries including breathing problems, heart problems, burn wounds, blunt trauma and others. As of late Thursday night, health officials share that out of the 77 injured, 51 had already been treated and released from the local hospital. Out of the remaining individuals still receiving treatments, only three are listed to be critical condition.

Yesterday's blast sent towers of smoke and flames into the sky over the chemical plant, located along a string of petrochemical plants in the area along the Mississippi River. One witness reports that a ball of flames blasted at least 300 feet up into the air, causing him to feel the ground below him move. Residents in the area located even five miles outside of the blast claimed that for a number of seconds they could feel the ground moving below them. As stated, there were over 300 workers who fled the scene after the explosion occurred as they conducted a mass evacuation. There were, however, a handful of brave individuals who stayed behind enclosed in a blast proof room in order to shut down the necessary areas of the plant as a fire prevention tactic. By their doing so, meant that the disaster would not spread any farther than it already had.

While the exact cause of the disaster has not yet been determined by investigators, they do note that the plant produced propylene, a gas that is extremely flammable. State Governor Bobby Jindal also reports to the people in the area that health officials have been conducting numerous tests for air quality after the devastating incident and that at this time there are no hazardous chemicals present in the air thus far. At this time, Jindal shares that their focus is on the community and helping out the victims and their families after the explosion and ensuring that the surround communities are safe after the disaster.

Chemical plant disasters such as this week's event in Louisiana, not only place the lives of hundreds of employees at risk, but they can also be a hazard for many more people in the local communities and nearby businesses as well. Whether it is physical danger or property damages, plant explosions can truly harm a town, as was seen in the April disaster in West Texas. If you or a loved one is victims have been injured in the recent explosions, please do not wait another moment before taking legal action. Contact Arnold & Itkin today for the trusted plant explosion attorney who will fight relentlessly on your behalf. Call us now for a free consultation to discuss your case.

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