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Truck Accident Fatality Statistics: What You Should Know

Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 12-Mar-2013

While the amount of auto accident fatalities nationwide ha slowly started to decrease, the amount of truck accident fatalities in American is slowly increasing. This may in part be because more and more drivers are being pressured to arrive at their destination by a deadline, and have to sacrifice sleep in order to make that happen.

About 87% of all truck accidents are because of driver errors, such as drowsiness and fatigue. 65% of all drivers admit that they have felt drowsy on occasion while behind the wheel, and 48% of all truck drivers admit that at one point or another they have actually nodded off behind the wheel. This can be a very dangerous situation, as a large truck can easily crush a smaller car on the road when the driver falls unconscious.

Research shows that obese truckers are 43% to 55% more likely to be involved in a crash than those with a normal body mass index. This interesting statistics process that idea that it is important for men and women to be healthy if they are going to operate a heavy vehicle like this. Statistics also show that only 25% of all traffic is active when it is dark outside. Sadly, this is when 55% of all fatal truck crashes occur. More conspicuous trucks could help this issue, but oftentimes smaller cars are lost in the darkness on deserted or poorly lighted roads at night.

All in all, commercial vehicle crashes are 7 times more like to end in a fatality. These collisions cost nearly $48 billion per year in death, injury, and property damages. If you want more information about trucking accidents or if you were injured in an accident of this nature you need to talk to a trucking accident attorney at Arnold & Itkin for assistance. The lawyers at this firm are dedicated to seeking your benefit in whatever cases you are dealing with. You may be entitled to damages in your case so don’t hesitate to ask a lawyer at the firm for more information right away.

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