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Workplace Drug Usage Costs Quadriplegic His Job

Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 7-Nov-2013

Tragic Car Crash Leaves 34-Year-Old Man Paralyzed

After a devastating car accident, a 34 year-old-man was badly injured and it resulted in the loss of mobility in his lower body. As a quadriplegic in Colorado, his doctor prescribed him medical marijuana to help him control the random muscle spasms that occur in his body from the crash. Although he no longer had the use of his legs, this medication is what enabled him to continue working.

Fired for Drug Use

It wasn't until this man "failed" a random drug test at this workplace that his employers expressed concerns for his using of marijuana. What boggles the mind of this young worker is the fact that in his state, this drug is legal as long as it is for medical purposes, and in his case it most certainly is. Regardless of the Colorado's passing of medical marijuana, the state appeals court has ruled that they will honor the company's decision to fire him based on the premises of the federal pot prohibitions.

This man shares that his actions were not wrong, and that he was merely using these drugs in order to get on with his life, with the permission of his doctor. He is just another example that the rules for workplace drug use and regulation have not been improved to take into account those who are on certain prescriptions for purely medicinal purposes. Even though there are currently 20 states in the U.S. that have legalized medical marijuana, because of the state and federal law discrepancies, it makes cases like this very difficult to fight.

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