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State and Local Officials Won't Charge PG&E After Pipeline Deaths

Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 10-Sep-2013

Eight people were killed in the San Bruno Explosion which occurred back in 2010. Now, after three years of debates and investigations, the state and local officials have declared that they will not pursue any charges against PG&E for the accident. Federal authorities still have the opportunity to press charges should they see fit to do so.

Federal Prosecutors Could Still Press Charges

Reports show that the San Mateo County District Attorney and the state Attorney have been working with the local U.S. attorney to determine whether the company or its top executives should be held responsible for the tragedy that killed eight innocent workers. Yet after investigating and weighing the results of the National Transportation Safety Board's investigation into the 2010 explosion, they decided to forego pressing any charges.

The NTSB declared that PG&E's poor record-keeping about gas transmission did not emphasize safety practices and this was a factor in the blast. Federal prosecutors still have a two-year window to choose whether or not they plan to press charges against the company. In the meantime, PG&E has settled almost all lawsuits that are stemming from the 2010 blast.

Litigating in Pipeline Explosion Cases

The San Jose Mercury News reports that at least 499 people involved in or affiliated with the blast will be able to split the $565 million settlement that is supposed to cover all lawsuits. Pipeline explosions like this one can be very serious. Families lost their loved ones in this accident, and many others were permanently injured following the blast.

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