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Texas Workers Face Workers' Compensation Battlefield

Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 2-Jul-2014

Though the economy in Texas may be booming, many workers are left exposed to the dangers of workplace accidents and lack of coverage. There have been countless numbers of workplace deaths confirmed by OSHA since the late 90s, with that number only continuing to grow. In addition to that, hundreds of thousands of workers have no real occupational insurance coverage, putting them in even more danger than ever before. Even those that do have coverage often have bare-bones plans, with their legal rights frequently pushed aside.

The Battlefield of Workers' Compensation

When individuals try to claim workers' compensation they often have a long, complicated, and confusing road ahead of them. The workers' compensation bureaucracy in Texas makes it extremely difficult to get the support and finances an injured employee needs, regularly issuing denials for trivial reasons. When a worker tries to argue or dispute this denial, they get little to no protection from the government, often making it a battle they simply cannot win.

The family members of these suffering and fatally injured workers are equally in danger. They are left with financial frustrations, limited career options, and the pressure of medical bills or other expenses. When they face an unpaid or rejected claim, it can ruin their whole life. From future plans, intended investments, and other goals, families are often left with no choice but to forego them. Children are even forced to give up their college fund savings to support their suffering parents. With so many workers battling the fight for the health and survival, battling for financial support can be the last straw.

Shedding Light on the Injustice

There are countless testimonials from workers who have been let down by the system that was created to protect them. From injured industrial workers to wrongful death claims involving undocumented immigrants, people from all walks of life are suffering. Many individuals who are denied insurance benefits and workers' compensation site the exams of "workers' compensation company designated doctors" who perform questionable tests to support the denial of claims. Instances like these shed more light on the injustice that these adjusters and the Texas Workers' Compensation Division are attempting to get away with.

The stories of so many Texans who are injured on the job, denied compensation and support, and mistreated by their employers and their insurance company should not be taken lightly. Many of the suffering workers moved to take legal action, retaining attorneys to fight their cases in court. By pursuing the fair compensation and support they deserve, the injustice of many in power may finally be brought to light.

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