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Alabama Industrial Accident History

Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 25-Mar-2014

Some of the most dangerous professions are in industrial workplaces. From manufacturing to mining, millions of work-related accidents occur every year, with OSHA estimating 12 deaths each day in the industrial world. Alabama has a long history of industrial accidents. Throughout the history of the state, residents have dealt with many types of industrial accidents. More than a century ago, some of the worst mining accidents plagued the state, and mining remains the most common type of industrial workplace accident in Alabama today.

Major Industrial Accidents in the State of Alabama

While some people think of major industrial accidents as having occurred early on in American history, many major accidents have occurred in our present day—despite current safety and technology developments.

The following are some of the major accidents that have occurred in Alabama:

  • 1905 Mining Accident: One of the many major accidents that occurred in Alabama mines around the early 1900s, this tragic accident resulted in 112 worker deaths.
  • 1910 Mining Explosion: Only 5 years after the major accident of 1905, this mining explosion trapped 145 workers and resulted in 80 deaths.
  • 1925 Transportation Accident: Two carloads of ammonium nitrate caught fire during transportation around Muscle Shoals, Alabama—causing serious damage.
  • 1960 Mining Accident: The bodies of 13 men were found in a coal pit at one of the Holden Mine locations—just one year after a mine inspector was crushed to death at a competitors mine.
  • 1975 Nuclear Plant Accident: Fires broke out at the Athens nuclear plants, burning for seven hours. This damaged the controls of three nuclear reactors, costing millions of dollars in handling costs.
  • 1984 Nuclear Plant Outage: Various safety violations, design problems, and operator errors at one of the Athens' plants led to a major outage that was imposed for six years.
  • 2001 Mining Explosion: A gas explosion at Jim Walter Resources Inc. killed 13 workers.
  • 2013 Train Accident: A 90 car crude oil train derailed, causing massive fires in 20 of the cars. No injuries were reported in the Pickens County train accident.
  • 2014 Construction Accident: While working on a crossover ramp in Montgomery, two R.R. Dawson Bridge Co. employees fell to their death.

While Alabama continues to improve industrial safety standards, many workers still suffer the consequences of working dangerous jobs. Without proper regulations, supervision, and training, many workers are left vulnerable to industrial workplace accidents. If you or a loved one has been injured in an industrial accident in Alabama, please do not hesitate to contact the injury lawyers at Arnold & Itkin today.

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