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  • Plastic Pipe Plant Explosion in Texas Injures 4

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 17-Dec-2015

    At 1 p.m. on Tuesday, a plastic pipe plant in the suburban Houston area resulted in serious injuries to four of workers. It was reported that the explosion occurred when a machine at the Humble, TX plant clogged; per police spokeswoman, that machine is used to melt plastic pellets. The four injured workers had been fixing the machine when the pressure caused the melted plastic to explode. Reports ...
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  • Gas Plant Explodes in Orla, Texas

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 3-Dec-2015

    At 9 a.m., a gas plant in Orla, TX exploded—resulting in a large fire. The Anadarko plant is located approximately four miles beyond the New Mexico / Texas border on U.S. 285. Employees and residents in a 10-mile radius have been evacuated in a move described as a precautionary measure. Per an Anadarko Petroleum Corporation spokesman, there have been at least two people who sustained minor ...
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  • Arnold & Itkin Negotiated $9M for Burned Plant Worker

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 30-Nov-2015

    In August 2015, Attorneys Kyle Findley and Kurt Arnold successfully negotiated $9 million for our client. He suffered from second- and third-degree burns as a result of a severe fall while working at a Texas plant. The worker, a Louisiana native, fell through an open hole—a hole which the plant managers and contractors knew was a dangerous risk, but did not barricade anyway. As a result of ...
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  • On Sunday, November 29, a flash fire occurred at a refinery in Delaware City. According to reports, paramedics were called to the facility at approximately 6:50 p.m. on Sunday evening to respond to the fire which caused severe burns to the neck and face of a 62-year-old worker at the refinery. "The paramedics treated him for first- and second-degree burns to his face and neck," said Sgt. ...
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  • Investigation Into Nebraska Construction Accident Begins

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 19-Nov-2015

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has opened an official investigation of a construction accident that took place Wednesday morning at a site owned by Ag Processing Inc. The Omaha office said they will be looking into the details that led up to a worker’s fall at the soy crush plant construction site, as well as how the incident was handled. A young worker was installing ...
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  • Madison County, AL Plant Explodes, Killing 1

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 11-Nov-2015

    Early on Tuesday, November 11, a Madison County plant manufacturing cedar closet liners and cedar oil exploded. Per investigators from the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, a 911 call was received from the agency at about 7:45 a.m. on Tuesday. At the time of the explosion, there were 20-25 employees at the plant. One man was killed in the blast; there are no other injuries that have been ...
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  • LG&E Fire Leaves Two Injured

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 30-Oct-2015

    A welding fire broke out at the LG&E Mill Creek Station plant in Jefferson County, causing serious burns to two contract workers. When officials first received the call, they believed it was an explosion. They quickly responded, arriving on scene with five fire engines and 20 personnel that were ready to deal with anything from hazardous materials to structural collapse. While the building ...
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  • Gibson Explosion Causes Death of Three Workers

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 9-Oct-2015

    On Thursday, October 8, a gas plant exploded in Gibson, Louisiana. Little over an hour from New Orleans, the plant is owned by Williams Partners, an energy corporation that specializes in natural gas. Strangely, gas was not running at the time of the explosion and the plant was out of service. The explosion resulted in the deaths of three workers, two of whom have since been identified. Two more ...
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  • A serious gas explosion was reported early this afternoon around 11:00 a.m. at the Williams Oil and Gas plant located in Gibson, Louisiana. Officials for the company have confirmed that a pipeline exploded and resulted in a fire at the natural gas facility. While the facility was not operational during the time of the explosion, there were several contractors performing routine maintenance at the ...
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  • The Dangers of Shift Work

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 20-Aug-2015

    Many jobs in this nation fall under the category of “shift work,” a scheduling practice employers use to offer 24/7 services. The 24-hour day is divided into shifts, and different workers are assigned to each shift. According to a recent study, 15% of the American workforce is made of shift workers. Shift work provides a crucial service to a lot of American industries, including ...
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  • Common Accidents & Injuries in Warehouses

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 4-Aug-2015

    Warehouses are large buildings used to store raw materials and other inventory prior to being distributed to the end user. They are an important part of the industrial and retail economy, providing over 750,000 jobs in the United States. However, warehouses can also be dangerous due to the many safety hazards and heavy machinery they contain. If employers and workers do not follow federal safety ...
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  • 18 Mining Fatalities in First Half of 2015

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 30-Jul-2015

    The United States Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) released a mid-year report last week that detailed the number of miners who have been killed in mining accidents throughout the first six months of 2015. While the first half 2015's fatalities were slightly lower than 2014's over the same time period, the report still showed 18 deaths in mining ...
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  • Trench Collapse Highlights "Lax Safety Culture"

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 27-Jul-2015

    Last week, David Michaels, the head of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), fined three Houston-based construction companies for two incidents in which workers were seriously injured. Earlier this year, a worker for Hassell Construction Company was buried in an eight-foot trench that collapsed during an excavation job. When workers frantically tried to dig him out with their ...
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  • Common Safety Concerns in the Oil Industry

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 22-Jul-2015

    The oil industry is among the largest and most powerful industries in the United States, but it is also among the most dangerous. Oil industry workers suffer a workplace fatality rate seven times higher than the average industry. From 2003 to 2010, 823 oil industry workers were killed on the job – an average of just over 100 fatalities per year. Due to the nature of the oil industry, much of ...
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  • Lawsuit Filed for Texas Man Injured in Forklift Accident

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 20-Jul-2015

    Arnold & Itkin LLP lawyers recently filed suit on behalf of a Texas man who was seriously injured while working at a TricorBraun worksite. On the day of the incident, the individual was operating a forklift when a driver from DFW Hot Shot took off and caused the individual to fall to the concrete below. As a result of the fall, the victim suffered severe injuries to his head, neck, back, and ...
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  • Arnold & Itkin Files Suit for Trucker Injured in Rig Explosion

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 17-Jul-2015

    The attorneys at Arnold & Itkin have recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of a truck driver who was injured during a rig explosion. The injuries occurred when the truck driver was attempting to transfer mud from his truck to a drilling well owned and operated by EOG Resources and Nabors Drilling USA. During the transfer, it is believed that the blow out preventer was removed too soon, causing a ...
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  • Injuries & Accidents Suffered in Plant & Refinery Turnarounds

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 14-Jul-2015

    In industrial plants and refineries, turnarounds are a term used for the process of taking the entire unit offline for a period of time while a revamp or renewal is performed. Turnarounds are sometimes called shutdowns or outages and can refer to a number of different projects such as, debottlenecking, inspection and testing, or revamps. Turnarounds are expensive in terms of labor costs, ...
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  • DuPont Labeled a Severe Violator by OSHA

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 13-Jul-2015

    OSHA just recently announced that DuPont, well-known chemical giant, has been found to be in violation of numerous regulations, including ones that led to the death of four workers within their La Porte plant last November. It was one of the most deadly and massive gas releases that has occurred in the last 10 years, resulting in a leak of an estimated 23,000 pounds of toxic methyl mercaptan from ...
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  • U.S. Chemical Exposure Limits Are Severely Outdated

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 9-Jul-2015

    Many industrial workers are exposed to dangerous or potentially dangerous chemicals on a daily basis. There are tens of thousands of chemicals used or made in the United States according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). All of them could potentially be harmful to a worker’s health depending on the amount, frequency, and length of the exposure. OSHA Exposure Limits Are Antiquated ...
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  • Arnold & Itkin File Suit in Fatal Accident Case

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 2-Jul-2015

    Personal injury attorneys Kurt Arnold, Caj Boatright, and Cesar Tavares have filed a lawsuit on behalf of a Texas man who was killed at work after falling off a ladder. As an employee of Discount Home Warehouse, the worker was told by his supervisor to disconnect some telephone communication lines from above a house that was scheduled to be demolished. The ladder that was provided for him was ...
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  • History of Recent Industrial Disasters in the United States

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 1-Jul-2015

    Industrial workers are the backbone of the American economy. They manufacture many of the nation’s most important goods and exports. The industrial plants they work in are testament to American ingenuity and hard work. However, their complexity can lead to catastrophic disaster if safety protocols are not strictly adhered to or short cuts are taken in order to increase capacity. Timeline Of ...
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  • High Injury Rates at U.S. Recycling Plants

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 25-Jun-2015

    Over the past two decades, there has been a strong movement in the United States toward eco-friendly practices such as recycling. Most major cities now have curbside recycling pickup in addition to garbage pickup to make it easy for citizens to recycle. As a result, recycling has become a big industry. Throughout the United States, there are an estimated 21,000 workers who process recyclable ...
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  • Protecting Workers from Arc Flash Accident Injuries

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 23-Jun-2015

    Arc flash accidents are an electrical phenomenon that occurs when an electrical current leaves its designated path and travels to another conductor or ground through the air. If a worker is directly hit by an arc flash or in close proximity to one, the result is usually severe injury or death. How Are Arc Flashes Caused? Many things from human error to faulty wire installations can cause an arc ...
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  • Arnold & Itkin Files Wrongful Death Case

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 19-Jun-2015

    The personal injury law firm Arnold & Itkin recently filed a wrongful death case on behalf of the estate of a man who died after being exposed to a toxic chemical at a work site. The victim was working at Southern Valve Service, LLC in Deer Park, Texas where he was exposed to hydrofluoric acid. Upon exposure, the victim’s health conditions deteriorated quickly. After having difficulties ...
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  • Report on Number of Louisiana Refinery Accidents

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 18-Jun-2015

    Louisiana refineries are required to report the number of accidents that occurred throughout the course of the year. While some safety experts caution that the numbers may be artificially low because the refineries are self-reporting, the numbers are alarming nonetheless. The Louisiana Bucket Brigade, an organization that promotes safety and environmental protections, reviews the accident reports ...
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