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Inexperienced Workers Cause Rise in Injuries to Truck Drivers

Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 3-Feb-2015

While injuries in other industries are generally on the decline, truck drivers are seeing an increase in injuries suffered at work. Working in the trucking industry is a physically demanding job and a shortage of drivers has caused an increase in demand for their services. As a result, more inexperienced drivers are in the trucking industry than ever before and injuries are rising as a result.

Injury Risks for Truck Drivers

It should come as no surprise that truck accidents are far and away the biggest risk of injury for truck drivers. However, due to the nature of their work, truck drivers are also exposed to several other injury risks, including:

While truckers spend the majority of their time driving, they are often transporting heavy cargo that must be loaded and unloaded at an industrial site or warehouse. When truckers arrive at these facilities after hours of sitting in a truck cab, they are usually immediately required to perform sudden physical exertion which can lead to muscle pulls or other back injuries.

Additionally, industrial sites and warehouses are inherently dangerous environments; however, they tend to be even more dangerous for truck drivers who are not as familiar with the surroundings as the workers who spend 40-50 hours a week at the facility. These means general hazards that could lead to an accident become even more dangerous for truck drivers.

Truck drivers are also constantly pressed for time and are pushed to load and unload their truck as quickly as possible in order to get back on the road to make the next delivery. The importance placed on speed comes at the cost of safety and can lead to an increase in accidents.

Ways to Reduce Injuries to Truck Drivers

While you can never make an industrial worksite 100% injury-free, there are steps that can be taken to help prevent the amount of injuries that truck drivers suffer while working. For starters, many training programs focus almost solely on safety protocols while operating the truck. While that is certainly important, more training can be given to teach truck drivers proper ways to load and unload cargo.

Additionally, trucking companies should perform periodic physical fitness tests to ensure drivers are capable of lifting the amount of cargo that is necessary to do the job. Some larger trucking companies have even begun instituting wellness and fitness programs to encourage physical fitness and monitor the health of its drivers.

Injured while working as a trucker?

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