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Obese Workers at Greater Risk of Work Injuries

Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 17-Feb-2015

It is no secret that obesity has been a growing problem in the United States over the past couple of decades. According to the National Institutes of Health, over one in three America adults is considered to be obese. The health risks and reduction in life expectancy for obese Americans has been well-documented in numerous clinical and medical studies. However, until recently, none of those studies examined the effects of obesity on Americans at work.

Study Examines Relationship Between Obesity & Workplace Injuries

Each year, the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety conducts an exhaustive study into workplace injuries in America. Among other things, the study collects data on the number of workplace injuries and determines the most common injuries in hopes of discovering ways to prevent them.

Recently, the research group expanded the study to include data on obese workers to see if there was any relationship between obesity and the prevalence of workplace injuries. What the data showed was that obese workers are actually 25% more likely to be injured at work than their co-workers of similar age who experience similar occupational hazards.

What Do These Findings Mean?

The initial results of the study show a clear correlation between obesity and the risk of suffering a workplace injury, though researchers said it is still too early to determine why obese workers are more prone to being injured at work or what type of activities are most commonly responsible for the injuries. Future studies hope to identify those answers in order to take steps to help reduce the number of injuries suffered at work.

Because employers are legally obligated to provide its employees with a safe working environment and to reduce the number of hazards where possible, they should be aware of the Liberty Mutual study and be thinking of proactive ways to help reduce the number of injuries for its obese employees.

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