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Mining Fatalities Continue to Rise

Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 3-Mar-2015

The statistics released by the Department of Labor show a disturbing trend in mining fatalities. Looking back over the past four years of data, 2013 saw an increase in the number of fatalities from the previous two years. While one would hope that 2013 was simply an aberration, the new figures released for 2014 show that mining fatalities remained relatively constant at the higher 2013 rate.

The majority of the fatalities come from some of the country’s heaviest mining states. Over the last ten years, West Virginia has suffered the most fatalities with 120. Kentucky and Pennsylvania rank second and third with 82 and 27 fatalities, respectively.

Preventing Mining Injuries & Fatalities

Coal mining has long been considered one of the most dangerous industrial jobs in the country, but having proper safety measures in place can help reduce the amount of injuries and fatalities. For example, inadequate ventilation and using outdated roof control technology in underground mines are two common causes of avoidable accidents. Additionally, properly training workers on how to operate power hauling equipment can reduce the number of mining accidents. Accidents involving heavy machinery were the leading cause of injury last year.

Regulating the Mining Industry

There are several state and federal agencies that work in conjunction to regulate the mining industry and help ensure that mineworkers are provided with a safe workplace. However, those agencies are often underfunded and unable to adequately inspect mines and enforce the regulations that are on the books.

In order to ensure a safe workplace, mining companies and mineworkers must be proactive in implementing and adhering to proper safety protocol and practicing safe work habits. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the mining company to ensure its workers are in as safe of an environment as possible.

Injured in a Mining Accident?

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