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Tips for Preventing Workplace Hand Injuries

Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 4-May-2015

No matter what line of work you are in, odds are that the use of your hands is essential to performing your daily responsibilities. Because your hands are so frequently used at work, hand injuries are among the most common form of injury suffered in the workplace. Hand injuries account for more than one in four workplace injuries.

The human hand has 27 bones—all of which can be easily injured or broken if not properly protected. In addition to short-term hand injuries, workers can also suffer long-term injuries due to repetitive actions or use over time. It is important that you make sure you are working safely and use protective gear to avoid suffering a hand injury or reduce its severity.

Tips for Preventing Hand Injuries

Below are some basic tips for preventing hand injuries in the work place.

Wear Gloves

Safety gloves are essential for protecting your hands against injury. A good pair of safety gloves can prevent minor injuries such as cuts, splinters, burns, blisters, and scrapes. If your job involves working with toxic chemicals, you will also want to make sure your gloves are made of a material that can stand up the chemicals you handle. Make sure that the gloves you wear fit your hand properly and offer enough protection and flexibility to allow you to perform your job safely. Replace your gloves as soon as you notice any holes, tears or other damage to the material.

Be Careful Around Machinery

Machinery is the biggest threat to immediate and debilitating hand injuries. Prior to using any piece of machinery, you should make sure you have been properly trained on how to use it and are aware of the safety features and switches that cut power to the machine in the event of an emergency. Before using any machine, make sure you have removed rings, bracelets, watches, or any other accessory that could get stuck on one the parts or otherwise endanger your hands.

Stay Alert

This is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself. Many workplace injuries are the result of carelessness or a lack of focus. Whether you are working with dangerous machinery, a chemical substance, or anything else that could pose a risk to your hand, make sure that you stay focused and are cognizant of proper safety protocol. Keep your eyes and mind focused on the task in front of you and you can greatly reduce the chance of suffering an injury.

Some Hand Injuries Are Unavoidable

Even if you have followed proper safety protocol, not all hand injuries can be avoided. Unforeseen events such as a malfunctioning piece of machinery can lead to serious injury. If you have suffered a hand injury at work, you should consult with an experienced work injury lawyer. Depending on the circumstances of your injury and how it occurred, you may be entitled to compensation. At Arnold & Itkin, we offer free consultations to all injured workers to advise them on potential legal options. Contact our work injury lawyers today to learn more.

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