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The Unseen Danger of Industrial Worksites

Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 15-Oct-2018

Workers at industrial sites face an intimidating number of risks each day. High pressures, volatile chemicals, dangerous machinery, and falling from heights are just a few of the common hazards commonly referenced by safety advocates. However, people often fail to include an unseen danger that is nonetheless prevalent in industrial environments: toxic gas exposure.

Those who are employed in places like water treatment plants, oil refineries, and chemical manufacturing sites face the dangers of gas buildup daily. When gas accumulates in dangerous proportions, it can cause deadly explosions, sickness, and death. Those who are exposed to hazardous gases are often unaware they are inhaling a life-threatening amount of gas until it's too late.

Using Proper Gas Detection

When companies supply their workers with gas detection machines, it saves lives. Sensors can detect gases that are invisible to our senses, helping employees avoid danger. Without them, employees could pay the price—suffering brain damage or worse.

Common errors while using gas detectors include the following:

  • Improper Calibration: Though it may seem time-intensive, properly calibrating gas detection instruments is a crucial step in maintaining protection from hazardous gases. If a sensor is not properly calibrated, it will produce incorrect readings and lure workers into thinking they are not being exposed to a toxic amount of gas.
  • Improper training: Workers can only protect themselves as they've been trained, so employers have a responsibility to ensure that they are completely trained in all aspects of safety.
  • Ignoring Alarms: Every noise a gas detector makes matters. These alarms and alerts are designed to make sure those nearby are aware of the hazardous substances that they are being exposed to.
  • Using the Wrong Detector: The sensors inside of gas detectors are incredibly sensitive and are often specialized for detecting specific gases. This means that a detector used in one setting may not be suitable for another.

Buying gas detectors may encourage an employer to feel that they’ve fulfilled their obligation to protect employees. However, it is also their responsibility to make sure that these safety devices are being used properly. Companies must not cut corners to save time and money—not when it comes to gas detection.

When a company does not prioritize safety, they must be held accountable to protect future employees and to provide compensation for those who are suffering from their neglect. If you have been harmed from exposure to toxic gas, call Arnold & Itkin at 888-493-0401 for a free consultation. Our industrial accident attorneys have won billions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients. We believe that companies have the obligation to protect those that work for them, and we reinforce this through the dedication we show to clients in the court room.

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