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Recent Posts in Construction Accident Category

  • Case Filed on Behalf of Injured Construction Worker

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin, LLP || 19-Dec-2018

    Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Caj Boatright, Alison Baimbridge and Roland Christensen filed suit today in Lubbock County, Texas against a construction company. This company failed to follow proper safety procedures when transporting ladders, and an employee was injured as a result. Due to the company’s failure to use the freight elevators and to follow safety protocols, a ladder fell on our client ...
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  • 1,000 Pounds of Rebar Come Crashing Down in Texas

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 1-Feb-2018

    On Thursday afternoon in San Antonio, TX, a construction jobsite turned deadly after 1,000 pounds of rebar support beams approximately 20 yards in length came crashing down. The worksite was for the Texas Department of Transportation and was located near Loop 410 and U.S. 90. According to police reports, the workers onsite had been tying the rebar together. The structure would have been placed ...
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  • Investigation Into Nebraska Construction Accident Begins

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 19-Nov-2015

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has opened an official investigation of a construction accident that took place Wednesday morning at a site owned by Ag Processing Inc. The Omaha office said they will be looking into the details that led up to a worker’s fall at the soy crush plant construction site, as well as how the incident was handled. A young worker was installing ...
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  • Trench Collapse Highlights "Lax Safety Culture"

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 27-Jul-2015

    Last week, David Michaels, the head of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), fined three Houston-based construction companies for two incidents in which workers were seriously injured. Earlier this year, a worker for Hassell Construction Company was buried in an eight-foot trench that collapsed during an excavation job. When workers frantically tried to dig him out with their ...
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  • Tips for Preventing Construction Accidents

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 5-Jun-2015

    Summer is usually the construction industry’s busiest season because of the warm weather and extended daylight. Unfortunately, with more construction projects comes more accidents. Construction sites have a higher than average injury and fatality rate. While it is nearly impossible to prevent all construction accidents, there are a number of steps that employers and workers can take to ...
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  • New OSHA Rule Aims to Protect Construction Workers

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 7-May-2015

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has passed a new rule that is aimed at protecting construction workers who work in confined spaces. The rule offers construction workers similar protections to those that industrial and manufacturing workers are already provided. The rule, which was published earlier this week, establishes new safety requirements for working in confined ...
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  • Preventing Scaffolding Accidents on Industrial Worksites

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 31-Mar-2015

    Scaffolding is a temporary structure that is commonly used on construction and other industrial worksites. Its purpose is to support the work crew and provide a platform from which to work. Although scaffolding may be common, if proper safety procedures are not followed, accidents can easily occur. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), there are more than 10,000 ...
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  • Construction Workers Can Develop Musculoskeletal Disorders

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 5-Mar-2015

    The hazards of construction work are well known. It is one of the most dangerous industries to work in and it has one of the highest rates of workplace fatalities in the country. And while a freak accident can injure or kill a construction worker in a moment’s notice, perhaps the most common injury construction workers suffer from develop over time. What Are Musculoskeletal Disorders? ...
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  • The Four Most Common Fatal Construction Accidents

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 24-Feb-2015

    The construction industry is one of the most dangerous in the country for workers. Because of the many hazards on a construction site, construction workers are at a greater risk of fatal accidents than almost any other job in the country. In fact, according to OSHA, 20% of all workplace fatalities in the private industry occurred on construction sites in 2013 and nearly 60% of those fatalities ...
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  • The Importance of Fall Protection to Save Lives

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 11-Dec-2014

    Construction work is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. A leading cause of injuries and fatalities is falls from high platforms such as roofs and scaffolding. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), falls contribute to thousands of injuries and hundreds of deaths in construction accidents each year. In order to limit the number of injuries and fatalities ...
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  • Deadliest Scaffold Collapses in History

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 1-Aug-2014

    When a construction crew needs to work on the interior or exterior of a building, they often erect a scaffolding to help them work on higher stories, ceilings, and roofs. The process is one of the simplest solutions in construction and should provide a stable platform in which to perform their work. However, scaffolding that is poorly designed or assembled can result in collapses, which can ...
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  • Causes of Construction Site Fires

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 29-Jul-2014

    Construction Site Safety and Fires According to the U.S. Fire Administration, there are more than 4,800 construction site fires every year which cause approximately $35 million in property loss. These fires are more likely to cause more damage than a residential fire because they tend to have little protection from fire in the form of working smoke detectors or sprinklers. As a result of these ...
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  • Lack of Safety Net Leaves Injured Workers Helpless

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin, LLP || 4-Jul-2014

    Man Faces Bleak Future After Work-Related Injury A male worker was tearing up a concrete roof with 8 other laborers when he fell nearly 20 feet to the ground. When he fell, the ground was littered with dirty insulation, tar-covered roof decking, and fire-suppression water pipes that were taken from the building's interior. While the federal authorities require it, the worker was not wearing ...
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  • Arnold & Itkin Represents Man Whose Arm Was Severed

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin, LLP || 14-Feb-2014

    At Arnold & Itkin, we recently represented a man whose arm was severed by a saw while he was on the job at a construction site. He also suffered from other bodily injuries to his arm, knees and legs that required multiple surgeries. Attorneys Jason Itkin, Cory Itkin, and Noah Wexler filed the lawsuit in Harris County, Texas. It is our passion to fight for justice and compensation and to ensure ...
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  • Trench Collapse in Cypress Results in Fatality & Injury

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 16-Jan-2014

    On January 16, 2014, the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupation Safety and Health Administration announced that it will be citing Municipal District Services LLC, in Cypress Texas, for one will violation with a penalty of $63,000. The violation is a result of the December 2013 trenching collapse incident that occurred in Cypress. The accident involved two workers, resulting in one fatality and ...
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  • A jury has awarded $109 million to the family of a woman who was killed by a power line that fell in her back yard. The woman burned for 20 minutes as her family watched, helplessly, waiting for the power company, West Penn Power Co., to turn off the electricity. The accident occurred in June 2009, but the jury believed that West Penn ignored appropriate safety practices for years prior to the ...
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  • Scaffolding Accidents

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 2-Aug-2012

    Construction workers face numerous on-the-job hazards, and, unfortunately, industry employees suffer numerous serious injuries or fatalities each year. Some of the most common construction accidents involve scaffolding and other types of lifts since they are used at almost every construction site. What is Scaffolding? Scaffolding is a temporary structure used to support workers and materials at a ...
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  • Accident at Construction Site Leaves One Dead and Four Injured

    Posted By Industrial Accident Attorney || 10-Apr-2012

    During a recent subway line extension project, a crane collapsed on top of construction laborers working below. One of the workers was killed and four others were injured in the accident. Allegedly, the arm of the crane snapped, causing it to crash to the ground. A complicated rescue operation was staged by the fire department around the unstable construction scene. Other workers at the site ...
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  • Crane Owner Accused in NYC Crane Collapse

    Posted By Industrial Injury Lawyer || 21-Feb-2012

    An accident took place on Manhattan's Upper East Side when a crane collapsed at a construction site. The owner of the crane rig is being charged with man slaughter because he was allegedly refusing to make necessary repairs to the machine to save money. The owner however is claiming that the accident was caused solely by the mistake of the men operating the crane. Since this particular crane ...
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  • Baltimore Construction Worker Seriously Injured in Accident

    Posted By Industrial Injury Lawyer || 15-Feb-2012

    A construction worker was injured this past Monday in an industrial accident at Harford Community College. A fire company was dispatched to the scene around 3:30 in the afternoon and transported the man to the Maryland Shock Trauma Center. Apparently, the man was in his Bobcat moving a load when the weight of the load shifted and fell into the cab of the vehicle. The exact details of the accident ...
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  • The Importance of Crane Maintenance

    Posted By Industrial Injury Lawyer || 8-Feb-2012

    Cranes are of vital importance to many industries, particularly offshore work, transport operations, and construction businesses. Widely publicized crane accidents in Houston, Miami, Las Vegas and New York have made people ever more aware of the potential dangers associated with cranes. In particular, these much-talked about cases have shown that it is not just workers and operators who are at ...
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  • Lift Falls near Philadelphia Cathedral, Injuring Worker

    Posted By Industrial Injury Lawyer || 6-Feb-2012

    Today in Philadelphia, a construction lift was being used to complete façade work on a church building when it fell over, injuring one of the construction workers. The building was Basilica Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul. It is reported that the worker, 33-years-old, was taken to the hospital in a stable condition. There were no other reported injuries. People were then asked to vacate ...
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