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Recent Posts in Industrial Injury Category

  • Flame-Resistant Clothing Requirements

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 8-Jan-2019

    Workers in industrial settings face a heightened risk of burn injuries. Some electric arcs and flash fires reach temperatures that are hotter than the surface of the sun. When a person suffers burn injuries, they face a lifetime of medical struggle and a reduced quality of life. The Occupational Health & Safety Administration requires fire-resistant clothing b ecause of the prevalence of burn ...
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  • How to Prevent Dust Explosions

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 26-Dec-2018

    When listing volatile explosives, very few people consider dust to be an explosion hazard. However, airborne particulates from organic and metal materials have the potential to cause devastating explosions. Industrial plants that handle food, tobacco, textiles, pesticides, and fossil fuels are just a few of the locations where dust explosions have been known to happen. What Causes Dust Explosions? ...
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  • What Rights Does OSHA Guarantee to Workers?

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 22-Oct-2018

    For hundreds of years, Americans paid for their country’s expanding economic power with their lives. As the nation’s economy rapidly grew during the Industrial Revolution in the late 19 th century, American workers did their work in alarming, inhumane conditions. By 1970, the death rate for American workers was high enough to warrant Congress' attention. The resulting Occupational ...
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  • The Unseen Danger of Industrial Worksites

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 15-Oct-2018

    Workers at industrial sites face an intimidating number of risks each day. High pressures, volatile chemicals, dangerous machinery, and falling from heights are just a few of the common hazards commonly referenced by safety advocates. However, people often fail to include an unseen danger that is nonetheless prevalent in industrial environments: toxic gas exposure. Those who are employed in places ...
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  • At Least 10 Injured in Chicago Water Treatment Plant Explosion

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 30-Aug-2018

    An explosion occurred around 11 A.M. on Thursday morning at the Calumet Water Reclamation Plant located in the Far South Side of Chicago. The blast is suspected to be caused by a buildup of methane gas, but the exact cause is pending investigation. It was initially reported that 10 people were injured in the blast. One witness stated that the explosion had enough force to lift the roof off the ...
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  • Common Causes of Oil Rig Explosions

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 20-Aug-2018

    Oil rig workers are exposed to numerous dangers in the workplace. Because oil rigs house hazardous materials, a variety of factors could trigger a tragic incident. One of the most catastrophic accidents that can occur at an oil rig is an explosion. With the high use of electricity and fuel to run different machinery, even a tiny spark could ignite an explosion. Common Causes of Oil Rig Explosions ...
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  • Rochester Factory Accident Creates Fireball & Burns Two Workers

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 7-Aug-2018

    On Monday afternoon, an explosion occurred at a factory in Rochester, New York. Authorities initially responded to reports of an individual on fire at Arconic Fastening Systems. When they arrived, they found two men with critical burn injuries all over their bodies. Both men were taken Strong Memorial Hospital and no further details about their condition have been released. Upon investigation, the ...
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  • Five Injured in Back-to-Back Pipeline Explosions

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 1-Aug-2018

    A pipeline exploded near FM 1379 and State Highway 158 in Midland, Texas around 11:30 A.M. At about 12:30, a second explosion occurred at the pipeline. Five people were injured in the second blast, with one needing to be airlifted to a nearby hospital in Lubbock. Portions of SH 158 are closed as firefighters work to control the situation. Officials have provided no other details about the injured. ...
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  • It Only Takes One AA Battery to Electrocute a Person

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 31-May-2018

    Electrocution is 1 of the 4 most common causes of fatal accidents that workers face. In light of the tragic death of two workers at a plant last week, today's blog is going to illustrate how vital electrical safety awareness is...by explaining how terribly easy it is to end a life with an electric current. Gizmodo did a story 9 years ago where they asked Adam Savage of Mythbusters how much ...
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  • Arnold & Itkin Files Case on Behalf of Worker Injured by Crane

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 26-Jan-2018

    Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Kyle Findley, Adam Lewis, and Kala Sellers filed a lawsuit today in Galveston County against T&T Marine, Inc. and Teichman Group, LLC on behalf of a worker who was seriously injured due to a crane toppling over at the defendants’ marine facility. Specifically, our client was injured after the defendants ignored their own policies and procedures—as well as ...
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  • Georgia Aluminum Plant Explosion Injures 5 Workers

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 30-Jun-2016

    On Wednesday, an explosion at Bonnell Aluminum in Newnan, Georgia — just 35 miles southwest of Atlanta — resulted in five workers sustaining injuries ranging from wounded to life-threatening. The blast could be felt up to a mile away. Two of the workers were treated at the scene, while two others were transported to a local hospital and one was airlifted to Atlanta Medical Center. ...
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  • Criminal Intent in West Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 12-May-2016

    On April 17 of 2013, a deadly fertilizer plant explosion at West Fertilizer Co., just north of Waco, TX, wiped out around 500 apartments, homes, businesses, nursing homes, and schools, killing 15 and injuring hundreds of others. The accident resulted in more than $100 million in damages to surrounding homes and businesses. The tight-knit farming community of only 2,800 people was rocked by the ...
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  • Southcross Energy Oil Explosion Leaves 2 Injured

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 16-Feb-2016

    An plant explosion shut down roads and forced an evacuation around 3:30 p.m. yesterday in Frio County. The explosion took place at a Southcross Energy gas plant located near FM 1538 and Highway 85, which were closed down following the incident. Officials instantly responded to the incident, immediately setting up a perimeter to help make the accident scene more secure. They also contacted ...
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  • At 12:45 p.m. on Saturday, January 16, a chemical tank exploded at a PeroxyChem plant in Pasadena, TX. According to officials, the explosion occurred when employees of the plant and contractors were conducting a routine function. They stated that one contractor and two employees were taken to a local hospital to be treated for injuries that included a broken arm and toxic exposure. One of the ...
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  • An accident recently took place at the Galveston Bay Refinery in Texas City, which is owned by Marathon Petroleum Corp. One worker suffered burn injuries from hydrofluoric acid while working on an alkylation unit that was shut down for an overhaul. Though no specific information was given on the severity of the worker’s injuries or health, a Marathon spokesman commented that the worker was ...
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  • Common Accidents & Injuries in Warehouses

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 4-Aug-2015

    Warehouses are large buildings used to store raw materials and other inventory prior to being distributed to the end user. They are an important part of the industrial and retail economy, providing over 750,000 jobs in the United States. However, warehouses can also be dangerous due to the many safety hazards and heavy machinery they contain. If employers and workers do not follow federal safety ...
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  • Injuries & Accidents Suffered in Plant & Refinery Turnarounds

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 14-Jul-2015

    In industrial plants and refineries, turnarounds are a term used for the process of taking the entire unit offline for a period of time while a revamp or renewal is performed. Turnarounds are sometimes called shutdowns or outages and can refer to a number of different projects such as, debottlenecking, inspection and testing, or revamps. Turnarounds are expensive in terms of labor costs, ...
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  • High Injury Rates at U.S. Recycling Plants

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 25-Jun-2015

    Over the past two decades, there has been a strong movement in the United States toward eco-friendly practices such as recycling. Most major cities now have curbside recycling pickup in addition to garbage pickup to make it easy for citizens to recycle. As a result, recycling has become a big industry. Throughout the United States, there are an estimated 21,000 workers who process recyclable ...
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  • Tips for Staying Safe While Working in the Summer Heat

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 22-May-2015

    As May begins to come to a close, it means summer is rapidly approaching. Temperatures are already beginning to rise in southern parts of the country and will soon reach points that can be dangerous for outdoor workers. Working long hours in the summer heat is not only uncomfortable; it can lead to injury as well if workers are not properly prepared. Summer Safety Tips for Working Outdoors Below ...
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  • Recognizing National Electrical Safety Month

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 19-May-2015

    Each May is designated as National Electrical Safety Month in the United States. Electrical products and equipment can be found on many industrial jobsites. While they are vital tools for workers, they are also dangerous if used improperly. Each year, more than 3,500 workers are injured and over 300 are killed in electrical accidents. Most electrical accidents can be prevented through proper ...
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  • Arc flash is a specific type of electrical accident that occurs when the electrical current is sent through the air from one conductor to another—typically the ground. Arc flash accidents are responsible for roughly 7,000 injuries a year. Arc flash injuries usually result in burns that can be severe enough to require hospitalization. In some instances, arc flash accidents can even prove ...
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  • Tips for Preventing Workplace Hand Injuries

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 4-May-2015

    No matter what line of work you are in, odds are that the use of your hands is essential to performing your daily responsibilities. Because your hands are so frequently used at work, hand injuries are among the most common form of injury suffered in the workplace. Hand injuries account for more than one in four workplace injuries. The human hand has 27 bones—all of which can be easily ...
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  • When Tort Claims Can Be Filed Outside of Workers' Compensation

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 17-Apr-2015

    If you have suffered a workplace injury and your employer carries workers’ compensation insurance, you may be under the impression that you can only receive compensation by filing a claim through workers’ comp. While that is generally true, there are several notable exceptions that might allow you to seek additional compensation by filing a lawsuit. Here are a few examples of workplace ...
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  • Determining Liability in a Workplace Accident

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 14-Apr-2015

    Industrial worksites are hazardous places to work. If workers are not adhering to safety protocols and ensuring that they are working safely, accidents can happen that lead to serious injuries. When a worker suffers an injury during a workplace accident, an investigation should be launched into the cause of the accident so that it can be determined which party or parties are liable. Determining ...
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  • 5 Consequences of Working Excessive Overtime

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 9-Apr-2015

    The standard 40 hour workweek in the United States dates back to the Industrial Revolution. In the 1920s, Henry Ford – founder of Ford Motor Company – reduced his employees’ workweek from 48 hours to 40 hours under the belief that working too many hours in a week reduces productivity. While Ford may not have based his beliefs on scientific research, subsequent studies have shown ...
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