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Recent Posts in West Fertilizer Plant Explosion Category

  • How to Prevent Dust Explosions

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 26-Dec-2018

    When listing volatile explosives, very few people consider dust to be an explosion hazard. However, airborne particulates from organic and metal materials have the potential to cause devastating explosions. Industrial plants that handle food, tobacco, textiles, pesticides, and fossil fuels are just a few of the locations where dust explosions have been known to happen. What Causes Dust Explosions? ...
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  • Criminal Intent in West Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 12-May-2016

    On April 17 of 2013, a deadly fertilizer plant explosion at West Fertilizer Co., just north of Waco, TX, wiped out around 500 apartments, homes, businesses, nursing homes, and schools, killing 15 and injuring hundreds of others. The accident resulted in more than $100 million in damages to surrounding homes and businesses. The tight-knit farming community of only 2,800 people was rocked by the ...
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  • History of Recent Industrial Disasters in the United States

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 1-Jul-2015

    Industrial workers are the backbone of the American economy. They manufacture many of the nation’s most important goods and exports. The industrial plants they work in are testament to American ingenuity and hard work. However, their complexity can lead to catastrophic disaster if safety protocols are not strictly adhered to or short cuts are taken in order to increase capacity. Timeline Of ...
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  • It has been one year since the tragic chemical explosion that claimed the lives of 15 people and injured hundreds more at the West Fertilizer plant in the small town of West, Texas. Now, federal agencies are finally beginning the process of taking precautionary measures against similar events taking place in the future. Senator Barbara Boxer is the chairperson of the Senate environment and public ...
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  • 1,000 Toxic Chemical Accidents Prior to the West, Texas Explosion

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 20-May-2013

    In light of the tragic plant explosion in West, Texas on April 17, the topic of toxic chemical exposure is surfacing yet again. However, what many don't realize is this fertilizer plant explosion is not a standalone incident, in fact there have been 1,000 reported accidents over the past 15 years relating chemical facilities. Last month's explosion claimed the lives of 15 victims in the ...
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  • When the West, TX fertilizer plant exploded on April 17, it didn’t just emotionally devastate the small town located near Waco--the damage caused to surrounding homes and businesses is now estimated to have exceeded $100 million. That estimate was released by the Insurance Council of Texas on April 24, and was based on conversations with on-site adjusters and reconnaissance crews, all ...
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  • Three Lawsuits Filed Over West Fertilizer Explosion

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 26-Apr-2013

    Last week, a deadly explosion occurred in West, Texas claiming the lives of dozens of individuals, and injured about 200 in the small community of 2,800 people. According to local Waco news reports, a third lawsuit has been filed by an injured victim from the explosion that caused severe pain and suffering throughout the town of West. This suit was filed by a grandmother who argues that her ...
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  • Shocking Safety Lapse May Have Contributed to Deadly Plant Blast

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 22-Apr-2013

    As the surviving residents of West, TX struggle to understand their losses after a fertilizer plant in the city’s midst exploded, new evidence has emerged that the plant operators were negligent when it came to safety. Texas law stipulates that plants like the one that exploded need to be equipped with sprinklers and other safety mechanisms, but since the blast, which killed up to 15 people, ...
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  • As a result of the devastating chemical plant explosion in West, Texas this week; there is a great concern regarding the present issue of ammonia exposure for those in the area of the accident. Sadly, many victims of the explosion have been injured and killed as a result, and our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected by this tragedy. At this time there are 15 fatalities and another ...
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  • Update on Texas: Nation Offers Support as 35 Casualties are Confirmed

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 19-Apr-2013

    On the morning after the largest fertilizer plant explosion on United States soil since 1947, the nation woke up hoping, to no avail, that the news from the previous day had been but a dream. It was not a dream – but rather a real-life nightmare affecting hundreds of physically injured victims and thousands of mourning Americans. In the midst of this tragedy, key figures in the media and ...
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  • The History of the West, Texas Fertilizer Plant

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 18-Apr-2013

    Yesterday, a fertilizer plant in West, Texas caught fire and the flames reacted with the ammonia stored at the plant to create a massive explosion. As a result, the entire plant went up in flames and an explosion registered at a 2.1 magnitude, leveling houses near the industrial site. While the tragedy is massive and the town of West has been devastated by the loss of as many as 40 citizens, the ...
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  • UPDATED: West Texas Fertilizer Company Explosion

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin LLP || 18-Apr-2013

    Yesterday evening a fertilizer plant in West, Texas caught fire; resulting in a devastating explosion that has injured and killed many victims the small tight-knit community. According to recent report updates, between 5 and 15 victims have died from the explosion, and at least 100-160 victims who are suffering varying levels of injuries. The extent of the property damage is not yet known, though ...
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  • West, Texas Plant Explosion

    Posted By Arnold & Itkin || 17-Apr-2013

    On Wednesday evening, April 17, 2013, a major explosion took place after a fertilizer plant had caught fire in the town of West, Texas – about 20 miles north of Waco. Emergency crews from all over Central Texas responded to the devastating scene in the small town of roughly 2,600 people. Numerous injuries had been reported, and ambulances and helicopters had been dispatched to transport ...
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