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Conroe Industrial Injury Lawyer

Arnold & Itkin LLP is an industrial injury law firm that represents industrial workers throughout the state of Texas, including the city of Conroe. Conroe is located in Montgomery County and is included in the statistical metropolitan area of Houston-Sugar Land- Baytown. The population has grown in recent years and now sits at 58,973.

Conroe, Texas is home to various oil and gas companies, as well as the large American pharmaceutical corporation, McKesson. The city's top three employers are the Conroe Independent School District, Montgomery County, and Texas Oil Tools. As is common throughout Texas, Conroe is home to many industrial workers. If you reside in or near Conroe or are employed in Conroe and were injured in an accident, then please consider contacting our industrial injury law firm.

Conroe, Texas AmeriGas Explosion

On November 6, 2012, two workers were badly burned and other individuals were seriously injured in a propane explosion that took place at an AmeriGas propane cylinder exchange facility located in Conroe. AmeriGas is a national leader in propane distribution and marketing, boasting more than two million clients in every state across the nation.

One AmeriGas worker who was at the scene when the explosion occurred stated that the workers were involved in a routine operation. While filling and stacking propane tanks at the facility, someone allegedly stepped on a gas line. This caused a leak that was then sparked by an unknown source. The spark caused the explosion and another employee quickly ran to turn off the gas line. Arnold & Itkin asks the hard questions in order to help victims of these types of accidents. If there was negligence or other liability that contributed to the incident, we are committed to finding it.

Representation for Propane Explosion Injuries

Propane is a hazardous material commonly used for heating and energy. AmeriGas, as a propane company, distributes its product to millions of consumers for purposes both residential and commercial. Propane is one of the most common gases that results in explosions. Gas and propane explosions such as this are typically caused when a gas leak comes into contact with a heat source such as a spark, open flame, or even heat. Propane explosions and other gas explosions can range from mild to extreme, such as was the case in the 2008 Toronto propane explosion. Due to the high explosive risk of propane, extreme precautions are required for distributors and handlers of the substance.

Industrial accidents are completely preventable, which is why Arnold & Itkin LLP extends its legal services to those workers that were injured in serious industrial plant incidents. Working in the industrial field is a dangerous occupation, but workers have an advocate in the industrial injury attorneys at Arnold & Itkin. If you live or work in the Conroe, Texas area and you were injured in an accident such as this, contact an industrial injury lawyer at our firm as soon as possible.

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