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Wrongful Death Lawyer

Have you lost a loved one in a fatal accident?

Industrial jobs can be dangerous and carry a high risk of death, especially where the use of a motor vehicle is involved. Transportation accidents are the leading cause of workplace fatalities, while other causes of on-the-job deaths include falls, fires, explosions, electrocutions, toxic chemicals, and contact with objects and heavy equipment.

In addition to the emotional loss of a loved one, families can struggle to cope financially. Although a workplace wrongful death claim won't replace a person's life, it may help to provide the comfort and security that the family of a deceased industrial worker needs in order to survive. The experienced industrial injury attorneys at Arnold & Itkin LLP can assist with your workplace wrongful death claim. We are skilled, aggressive, and dedicated to producing successful results.

Overview of the Benefits for Families

In some cases, a death may be caused by a single incident, such as a drowning while working aboard a commercial fishing boat or offshore oil drilling rig. In other cases, the death may result from exposure to an unsafe working environment, such as mesothelioma caused by inhaling asbestos fibers. Family members, including parents, spouses, children, and other legal dependents, may pursue compensation when a loved one is killed in an industrial job.

The family's legal options include the following:

  • Workers' Compensation: If the employee was covered by workers' compensation insurance, the family may seek death benefits to replace lost family income and burial benefits.

  • Wrongful Death: Even if the deceased employee was covered by workers' compensation, the family may be able to sue if the death was caused by the wrongful acts or omissions of a non-employer third party. Families may be entitled to medical / funeral expenses, loss of financial support, and, in some cases, punitive damages.

  • Longshore & Harbor Workers' Compensation Act: This federal law provides survivor benefits to the families of workers who were killed while working in the navigable waters of the U.S. or in adjoining areas.

  • Jones Act: If an injury causes the death of a worker who qualifies as a "seaman," the surviving spouse and children of the deceased may seek compensation for medical expenses incurred before the death, as well as funeral costs, loss of financial support, loss of services, and pain and suffering the worker may have suffered.

  • Maritime Law: If a maritime worker's death was caused by the negligence of a third party, non-employer, such as a ship owner, the family may pursue a wrongful death remedy under the principles of general maritime law and be entitled to receive benefits akin to those recoverable under wrongful death statutes.

  • Death on High Seas Act: If the worker died while aboard a vessel more than three nautical miles outside of territorial waters, the family may see relief under this federal law.

Time Limits On Your Wrongful Death Claim

As wrongful death claims are subject to a statute of limitations or a time period in which a lawsuit must be filed, it is important to contact to contact an experienced industrial injury attorney right away to learn about your legal options. At Arnold & Itkin LLP, our industrial accident lawyers provide free initial consultations, and we do not charge for our services unless we obtain a favorable verdict or settlement on your behalf.

Contact a wrongful death attorney from our legal team today to discuss your potential claim.

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