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Poor Training

Those who work at industrial plants are at a high-risk to injury due to the active nature of their jobs, the presence of hazardous chemicals, the presence of heavy machinery, and other factors. In some cases, combustible materials can create the risk for an explosion at a plant or other industrial worksite. There are a variety of reasons that these explosions can occur, but sometimes when individuals are not well trained it can create the danger of an explosion at the plant.

The Necessity of Training for Industrial Workers

All employees should have an excellent understanding of the machinery that they work with, the chemicals that they are handling, the dangers for combustion at the firm, and the risks that are associated with certain actions or decisions. All employees should be taught how to prevent combustion and make sure to avoid any potentially hazardous situations involving mixing chemicals or using an open flame near flammable materials. Unfortunately, some companies underrate the importance of great training for employees, which can result in a devastating accident at the work site.

It is highly recommended that all employees at industrial worksites take courses that discuss the following:

  • Safe work habits
  • Safety guidelines to reduce the risk of working with hazardous substances
  • Chemical safety hazards
  • Control measures for chemical safety
  • Basic emergency response training
  • How hazardous materials and their containers are prepared for transportation
  • What types of documentation are required to transport a hazardous material
  • Various aspects of working safely with electrical equipment at a plant
  • Structural checks and power system checks that should be completed before using a forklift

Do you need an industrial injury attorney?

Issuing these training courses to employees can help to enhance the safety, efficiency, and productivity of an industrial plant. If you are involved in an accident because of an employee's negligence due to a lack of training, you may have the right to seek compensation from your employer. Even if you are partially at fault, you still may have a case if you were not properly trained to maintain, repair, or handle a piece of machinery or a chemical that was at the plant.

Training is paramount to safety at industrial plants in the United States. If you are asked to do a task that you were not trained for at your worksite, you have the right to deny the request and say that you have not been taught how to handle the chemicals or machinery that will be involved in the task. If you are forced to complete the job anyway, then this is a strict violation of OSHA safety standards and your employer can be punished as well as sued for his or her carelessness.

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