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Chemical Plant Design

When addressing the very real concern of industrial plant explosions, there are many possibilities that can be related to what caused the incident. Generally, accidents are a result of the negligence of another person or entity or the overall defect of a product used on the site. One aspect of plant safety that needs to be addressed is the location itself. When buildings are made substandard in any way, the results can lead to devastating consequences—explosions being one of them. The building itself can make the world of a difference not only in employee safety, but also in the surrounding community as the building is designed to follow health and safety standards specific for the chemicals being used.

Proper Plant Design Can Prevent Future Accidents

The design of a chemical plant is uniquely done to decrease hazards and risks on the site, specifically with explosions and overall chemical exposure. Not only that, but the design is meant to be done in a way that will also limit the risks for those working at the plant and in the community. What enables the plant locations to be safe and efficient are the necessary routine maintenance checks, as well as frequent employee training. Without these three key factors (design, maintenance, training) a building becomes more dangerous and a possible hazard for accidents leading to explosions.

The design of a chemical plant needs to be catered uniquely to the types of materials that will be handled on site. Taking these points into consideration during the planning stages of the building is absolutely crucial. Why is this? Because understanding what specific chemicals will be used will determine factors such as the size of the site, different types of operating manuals for facility start up and shut down, among other details.

Before the construction process even begins, plants must consult manufacturers for the equipment they will need (in order to provide adequate spaces for each tool), as well as laboratories for testing. Aspects need to be taken into consideration when building a plant also includes not only the size of the location, but the impact on the environment, operational, capital and maintenance costs, etc. Other factors that need to be addressed before construction include:

  • Rate of Flow
  • Working Pressures
  • Water & Electricity Availability
  • Temperatures Needed for Specific Chemicals

All of the above are used to make sure that the environment is both safe and efficient for the specific chemicals on site.

How an Industrial Accident Lawyer Can Help You

The main goal in a chemical plant is that it can create chemicals in a manner that is both safe for the workers, the community, and the environment. How a chemical plant building is designed, constructed, and maintained means the world when it comes to work site safety. In the event that there is a chemical explosion on the site, the cause may very well be linked with the plant design itself. In the event that you have been injured in an accident, do not hesitate in contacting Arnold & Itkin for the skilled industrial injury attorney you deserve on your side!

At Arnold & Itkin LLP, we can do everything in our power to prove the negligence of the parties responsible for your pain and suffering and help you seek the compensation that is rightfully yours. With years of experience under our belts, our legal team is equipped to do the necessary investigations in order to help you prove your claim. With billions of dollars in settlements and verdicts, we hope that our efforts in all that we do are obvious to you.

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