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Living Near an Industrial Plant

Those working on the site of a chemical plant are not always the only people affected by an industrial accident. Living in near vicinity to a plant can pose various risks in the event that an accident or leak occurs. While the most dangerous of these accidents is a full-blown plant explosion, other accidents can be harmful to residents of the community, such as water contamination and air pollution. The best thing for residents to do is inform themselves on the risks involved with living near an industrial plant and know their rights if on-site negligence results in injuries and damage to the community.

Chemical Industry & Public Safety

As the chemical industry began to grow in the mid-1900s, concern about the sacrifice of public safety caused many to evaluate the costs of expanding the industry. Exposure to the chemicals has been known to:

  • Increase the risk of developing cancer;
  • Heighten the number of birth defects in community residents; and
  • Place residents at the risk of danger in the event of an explosive accident.

Environmental agencies claim that simply living near a chemical plant puts individuals at risk of contamination and disease exposure. While efforts for promoting a clean chemical industry are always being improved, the risks remain as long as humans are charged with operating the machinery on the plants. Equipment malfunction and human error due to poor training can quickly lead to a chemical spill that contaminates natural resources relied upon by the community.

Plant Explosions

One obvious risk to the area surrounding a chemical plant at-large is the risk of plant explosion. Poor maintenance of equipment or the negligence of one worker can set off an unintended catalyst for a chemical reaction of epic proportions. The public has no way of being informed of such a disaster and most occur with absolutely no forewarning.

In seconds, the entire community can experience devastation.

Plant explosion injuries can include but are not limited to severe chemical and fire burns, acoustic trauma, and internal organ damage which can be very severe (and even fatal) in some cases. Medical treatment for such injuries requires specialized medicine and high intensity care, the costs of which can quickly pile up. Furthermore, the property damage of a plant explosion can transform one's living situation catastrophically. Destruction of private homes and the interruption of business can have negative financial impacts on the community as a whole and the lives of residents as individuals.

Were you injured by an industrial accident?

If you live near an industrial plant, you should know that your well-being is a priority for federal and state authorities. In the interest of those at risk of chemical exposure and industrial injuries, Congress has passed numerous bills on maintaining a clean industry, promoting chemical plant safety, and building effective accident prevention plans. Furthermore, industrial operators are held to extremely high standards in the form of safety regulations to ensure that their work and product does not cause undue harm to innocent members of the surrounding community.

If any of these protocols are compromised and an accident causes damage to private individuals, the company will be held responsible for their plant's failure. You deserve to be fought for by industrial injury lawyers who understand the complex laws and regulations behind the chemical industry and the elements for pursuing action following a plant explosion. At Arnold & Itkin LLP, our legal professionals have extensive experience representing those injured in a plant explosion, whether they be plant workers or members of the community surrounding the industrial plant. Contact a plant explosion lawyer at our firm to learn more about how we can help you claim compensation for your losses.

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