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Plant Explosion Class Action

When an unintended chemical reaction sets off a plant explosion, those present at the industrial plant are not the only victims of the destruction. Explosions have massive force that can extend its destructive hand outside of the perimeter of the plant and reach the private homes and jobs of innocent residents. Of the most recent plant explosions to occur in the United States, most, if not all, have included a high number of victims—many of whom were enjoying the safety of their homes at the time of the blasts. One simple act of negligence on a plant can turn into a massive catastrophe.

When this happens, victims can join together to file a class action lawsuit
against the plant operator for causing the damage to their property, homes, and lives.

The damage caused by an explosion is not merely confined to the initial fire. While the blast does produce flames that can cause serious burns and fire damage to buildings, the very force of the blast has enough energy to cause severe injuries. These injuries are known as primary injuries. Furthermore, debris, environmental contamination, and air pollution are all products of an explosion that can continue the effects of the accident long after the initial blast.

Compiling Cases into One Class Action Lawsuit

In the event of a blast, homes, workplaces, and lives can be destroyed in one quick moment—changing the course of hundreds of unsuspecting victims in a matter of seconds. Class action lawsuits are filed by a large ground of people that share a legitimate claim against a common defendant. In the case of a plant explosion, victims of the accident can join together in filing one representational lawsuit engulfing the overall damage done by the accident and demand that compensation be provided to the community members for their injuries and losses.

Class action lawsuits are favorable to all parties involved in an unforeseen accident such as an industrial explosion. Since there are potentially hundreds of victims effective, no class action lawsuit would mean potentially hundreds of individual claims. This would clog the system, resulting in delayed payouts and possibly reduced compensation. Furthermore, individual claims could possibly result in differing court rulings, some in favor of the plaintiffs and some in favor of the defendants. Through a class action lawsuit, those negatively impacted by a plant explosion can pool their resources and build a strong, aggressive case in order to recover damages and rebuild their lives as a community.

How can Arnold & Itkin LLP Help?

At Arnold & Itkin LLP, we understand how high the stakes are when considering legal action following a plant explosion. Furthermore, our industrial injury attorneys have experience in dealing with mass tort and class action lawsuits. The process is meticulous and includes multiple steps but we believe that we can help you achieve your goals for compensation and recovery. Class action suits make a bold statement to the negligent parties who were involved in causing such destruction to the community. If there was a plant explosion that caused damage to the surrounding community, class action may be a viable option to recover compensation for the losses incurred. Contact a plant explosion lawyer from Arnold & Itkin LLP to learn more about the process and procedure of a class action lawsuit.

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