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Poor Air Quality

The Result of Plant Explosions

In the aftermath of a plant explosion, the noticeable effects might not accurately reflect the true damage caused by the disaster. While it can be easy to identify roof destruction and the injuries that result from an explosion, it can be much more difficult to spot other effects that could be significantly more damaging than those that were immediately revealed. Take, for example, property contamination; the toxins and hazardous chemicals that are released into the air upon explosion or fire can travel beyond the perimeters of the plant on which the explosion occurred. In effect, the businesses and landowners nearby the plant can be adversely affected by contamination to their water and crops.

Poor air quality is another great example of the seemingly invisible damages that can result from a plant explosion or refinery fire in your area. Although the immediate response to a disaster of this nature will, of course, be to attend to the injuries of victims, and remedy the physical property damage that resulted, other resources need to be utilized to fully treat the effects of an explosion. In addition, divisions of the federal government, such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, will need to be involved. The harmful toxins that can be released during and directly following an explosion pose significant risk to workers of the refinery, as well as business operators and landowners nearby.

Poor Air Quality Can Affect Your Health

Professors of air quality, as well as environmental specialists, have declared that caustic substances such as ammonia and other hazardous materials that are stored in plant refineries can be extremely toxic to the environment, as well as the people directly in their vicinity. As such, the Environmental Protection Agency and the state Division of Air Quality must both be sent to the property to conduct investigations and manage the estate as necessary. This could require devising an emergency response plan or developing a standardized protocol for storing hazardous materials.

Unfortunately, even an immediate response from environmental agencies might not be enough to stop the toxic damage from a plant explosion. In fact, it is quite likely that the actions taken in response to a disaster such as this will be geared more toward future prevention. Therefore, surrounding residents and business owners in the area need to secure legal representation that can help them protect against the harmful environmental effects of an explosion.

The following health conditions could develop as a result of prolonged exposure to poor air quality:

  • Cancer
  • Asthma
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • Heart Disease

Taking Legal Action: Contact Arnold & Itkin LLP

At Arnold & Itkin LLP, we can help you file a claim or pursue a lawsuit if poor air quality has affected your health. Although less publicized, poor air quality is a serious issue that often results in the aftermath of a plant explosion. As such, it is an issue that deserves just as much legal attention as the injuries and other forms of property damage that typically result. Our attorneys recognized this fact long ago, and we continue to provide effective legal representation to the victims of plant explosions who are suffering from the effects of the poor air quality that resulted. The legal services provided to you at our office are offered completed free of any upfront fees. In fact, we will not charge you a single dime until we have successfully secured a favorable result on your behalf! Contact us now for a free consult.

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