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Property Contamination Caused by Explosions

Inherent to the nature of the work that is done on refinery plants, exposure to dangerous chemicals is seemingly unavoidable; however, the serious contamination that can result from such exposure is much more preventable if the right measures are taken. In fact, legal claims of property contamination specifically focus on the fact that the toxic exposure presented on the property was caused by unsafe practices that could have easily been avoided.

Exposure to Unstable Substances

There are many chemicals and gases that are exposed to heat, fire, and other forms of extreme temperatures. When this is the case, the environment is classified as unstable. This is particularly true of oil refinery plants that frequently use intense amounts of heat to complete the refining processes inherent of their work. Exposed to high degrees of heat, certain substances are at great risk of exploding, thereby releasing toxic chemicals into an environment that is already suffering from high temperatures and the shock waves of the explosion.

Common types of explosions that present the most risk to workers, passersby, and other nearby persons include:

  • Industrial Explosions
  • Refinery Explosions
  • Residential Gas Explosions
  • Fuel Tank Explosions
  • Boil Explosions
  • Natural Gas Explosions
  • Propane Explosions
  • Petroleum Explosions

Anyone who is working on site an oil refinery plant that explodes—thus releasing propane, petroleum, or some other type of toxic chemical into the air—can be significantly injured. The inhalation of toxic chemicals is one of the biggest risks to refinery workers. In fact, property contamination remains a leading problem among several of the companies within the refinery industry. If you were injured or made ill after a plant explosion that contaminated the property, you should waste no time in seeking legal representation. An industrial injury attorney from Arnold & Itkin LLP is here to help you.

Land & Water Contamination on Your Property

Regardless of whether you were exposed to contaminated materials at your workplace or if you reside near a refinery that has released harmful chemicals into the environment, you could be eligible for compensation. In fact, landowners are some of the hardest hit when a plant explosion occurs. Oil and gas companies are responsible for the environmental damages that are experienced by many landowners whose property lies nearby a plant refinery. Unfortunately, property contamination is a serious problem that many leading industry officials in the refinery business have yet to rectify.

Land that has been under the management of a family for generations can suddenly become contaminated from unsafe practices being conducted by oil refinery plants nearby. When this is the case, property owners can be compensated for the harm that they've suffered. Litigating cases of property contamination in court could result in mandatory restoration of your property to an acceptable condition. The refinery would be responsible for covering the costs of this restoration. In addition, litigation could ensure that no future practices are conducted that could cause further contamination.

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The waste produced by oil and gas companies can significantly damage nearby properties. The vegetation and crops of local farmers can be poisoned, soil can be sterilized, and water can be contaminated. If your property has suffered contamination, you should not wait to seek legal representation. Pursuing a case in court could be your only chance at securing the money you need to restore your property and recover the damages that were lost upon contamination.

At Arnold & Itkin, we can help you take legal action against a negligent refinery, regardless of whether your crops were poisoned or your family was personally harmed by contamination to your property. Serious illness and disease can develop as a result of exposure to toxic chemicals. When the water that you drink is contaminated or the cleaning substances you use around the house are chemically poisoned, you and your family could develop cancer, neurological problems, gastrointestinal issues, or any other number of unforeseen maladies.

Our injury lawyers are uniquely qualified to help the victims of property contamination recover the money due to them. For injured employees of a toxic refinery plant, as well as nearby residents whose homes and crops were contaminated, we are here to help. Working alongside highly qualified industry experts in the oil, gas, and environmental businesses, we can determine the source of your illness. If it relates back to property contamination, we can calculate an estimate of the amount that you should rightly receive to cover the cost of your injury, illness, or property damage.

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