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Roof Damage Caused by Plant Explosions

When an explosion occurs onsite an oil refinery plant, much more damage is caused than could even be anticipated. Not only is the plant itself susceptible to significant damages, but the buildings and homes nearby the plant can also be in the direct line of fire. Although the flames of an explosion are usually confined to the plant itself, the debris of the explosion often carries over to nearby workplaces and / or residential properties. In fact, the landowners of surrounding properties are sometimes just as adversely affected from a plant explosion as the refinery is itself.

As heat intensifies, and crude oil is processed, the pressure that slowly builds can ultimately result in an explosion, especially if unseen corrosion has damaged machinery or safety standards have been neglected. The impact of an explosion can be so forceful that the scattering of debris and building parts could travel far beyond the perimeter of the plant on which the explosion occurred. In fact, this is often the case, inevitably resulting in significant property damage.

A natural consequence of flying debris is often roof damage to nearby properties. As blown-out building parts are scattered through the sky, the closest thing upon which they might land is the rooftop of an adjacent building. Business and residential homes alike can be significantly impacted by the force with which their roof is hit—particularly if the damages to the building are impacted by an already unstable rooftop.

How to Recover Financial Damages for Your Physical Damages

Property damage, especially roof damage, can be extremely pricey to repair. Businesses whose roofs are damaged might need to suspend work while repairs take place. Homeowners whose rooftops are wrecked might need to move out of their homes while repairs are under way. In both circumstances, money and time will be unavoidably lost.

As a business owner whose company required suspension for repairs, you are entitled to file a business interruption claim. When completed effectively, these claims can be used to help cover the financial expenses that were incurred as a result of suspending the production of your business. As a homeowner who was forced to vacate their home to accommodate roof repairs, legal action can be taken to reclaim the money that was spent on repairing your roof, as well as money spent to accommodate temporary living conditions. Under almost any circumstance, if it can be proven that roof damage was caused to your property unnecessarily, then legal action can be taken to recover compensation.

Move Forward with Arnold & Itkin LLP

With the help of an industrial injury attorney from our firm, you can legally pursue the monetary compensation that you need to financially recover from the roof damage that your property suffered. As skilled personal injury litigators, our legal team has successfully seen a number of claims and lawsuits through to completion, including some of the most complicated and controversial cases in recent history. Although roof damage is not as personally and physically debilitating as a typical plant explosion injury might be, it is life-altering nonetheless.

If the roof of your business or home was damaged as a result of a local refinery plant explosion, you owe it to yourself to take legal action. Under the guidance of an attorney at Arnold & Itkin LLP, the damages to your roof will be carefully inspected, utilizing the latest technology in order to ensure that detailed pictures are taken and intricate reports are made. We can help you identify and preserve any evidence that could be used during a case, and we can advise you on the receipts and expenses worth keeping track of as temporary accommodations and repairs are made. Call us today.

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