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Information About Burn Injuries

Have you suffered a serious burn injury from a plant explosion?

Burn injuries are one of the most common injuries associated with explosions and can range from mild to severe or fatal. If you have suffered a burn injury, talk to a plant explosion attorney from Arnold & Itkin today. We believe that careless and negligent individuals should be held responsible for the damage they cause. If your employer or coworker carelessly neglected safety laws and guidelines, he/she may be liable for your injuries. If you are able to establish liability in a claim or lawsuit, you may be able to collect full financial compensation for your losses. That's why our firm is committed to helping people like you—people who need an experienced lawyer to go to bat for them. Schedule a case consultation to learn more about the firm, injury compensation, and your rights as an accident victim.

Types of Burn Injuries

Generally speaking, a burn is any injury caused by chemicals, electricity, heat, radiation, or sunlight that damages your body's tissue. There are several types of burn injuries: first degree, second degree, third degree, and fourth degree.

  • First degree burns are mild and usually heal without medical attention. First degree burns are identifiable by redness, pain, and swelling. This type of burn only affects the epidermis (the outer layer of skin) and can usually be treated from home. Unless a large portion of the victim's body is covered by the burn, the injury should be treated as a minor burn by cooling the skin with a moist cloth or bandage and covering it with a sterile piece of gauze. Like any burn injury, never put ice on a first degree burn or use a fluffy bandage to cover it.

  • Unless a large portion of the victim's body is covered by the injury, second degree burns may be treated as minor burns, too. If the victim experiences pain, an over-the counter pain reliever may be taken. Like mild first degree burn injuries, you may run cool (not cold) water over the burn and cover it with a sterile bandage.

  • Unlike first and second degree burns, third and fourth degree burns are very serious and will not heal without the help of a medical professional. Third degree burns are identifiable by charred and black regions of skin. If the victim has suffered a fourth degree burn, his/her skin, muscle, fat, and bones may be affected by the injury. When treating major burns, avoid removing any of the victim's clothes that are in contact with the injury. Never immerse a major burn in cold water. Instead, check for signs of breathing. Sometimes, major burn victims go into shock and require CPR. You may cover a major with a clean, moist bandage to protect it from infection.

Major burns are extremely serious and may result in permanent physical, emotional, and psychological scarring. If you or a loved one has suffered disfigurement because of a major burn suffered in an explosion, a plant explosion lawyer from Arnold & Itkin may be able to help you collect the money you need.

Arnold & Itkin: Billions of Dollars Recovered

If you or a loved one has suffered a significant burn injury, talk to an attorney from Arnold & Itkin as soon as possible. With a lawyer from our firm fighting for you, you can have peace of mind knowing that your case is in good hands. Our attorneys have helped our clients recover billions of dollars so contact us today!

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