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Hearing Loss & Damages

Hearing loss is a common effect after an explosion occurs—the severity of which depends greatly on how close you were to the scene of the event. The loss of hearing that occurs because of an incident is often called "acoustic trauma" which means that your inner hearing mechanism within the ear were greatly affected by a sudden and extremely loud noise.

Understanding Ear Damages

In brief summary, the damages an explosion can have on your ear may vary. External ear damages can be caused by the debris of an explosion, rather than the actual overpressure of the blast. The Tympanic Membrane (TM) is essentially the part of your ear that transits pressure oscillations using different sound waves. When an explosion happens, your TM is affected and displaced because the pressure from the blast will actually enter your external auditory canal. Depending on the blast, the damage may be between minor hemorrhaging to complete membrane perforation. Your middle ear may also be damaged in the event of a larger blast; if there are lesions with the Cholesteatoma, it can harm not only your middle ear but also the temporal bone or skull base. Damage to your inner ear is less severe as you will likely start hearing again within hours to weeks of the explosion; however, injury within the auditory components may occur.

Symptoms of Acoustic Trauma

You may have been a recent bystander of an explosion in your area, whether you are an employee or a resident in a town—either case may result in severe hearing damages or loss. Some of the symptoms for hearing loss include:

  • Total deafness
  • continual ringing noise in one or both ears
  • Difficulty or altogether inability to hear low-intensity sounds or quiet speech
  • The speech and sounds you can hear are muffled

Contacting an Experienced Industrial Injury Attorney

Blast injuries, such as hearing loss or various levels of damages, can be a terrifying thing to experience regardless of whether you received the injury on the job or as a nearby resident from the blast. In some cases, these injuries can be healed over time and in others the loss may be a permanent situation. Just because you are suffering physically, doesn't mean you have to suffer the weight of the extensive medical bills, lost wages, and other costs. At Arnold & Itkin, we are experienced legal professionals who can help you fight for the monetary compensation you deserve.

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