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Smoke Inhalation

Smoke is a combination of gases and heated particles, which are products of the materials being burned. When these materials are the machines and chemicals stored within an oil plant refinery, the smoke being inhaled could be lethal. Breathing in the bi-products of the combustion produced during a plant fire can significantly incapacitate a person, affecting their ability to breathe properly. In fact, studies suggest that the leading cause of death among fire victims is smoke inhalation with anywhere from 50 to 80% of all fire-related deaths being the result of smoke inhalation.

The Dangers of Inhaling Smoke

Escaping the disaster of a plant explosion or oil refinery fire does not automatically ensure your health and safety. In fact, there are many serious injuries, illnesses, and instances of fatality that are reported hours, or even days, after the initial incident occurred. The victims of smoke inhalation are among those who are most at risk of developing later problems that might not have been immediately identified after the explosion.

Although symptoms such as coughing and shortness of breath are almost instantly identifiable, other symptoms are less easily noticeable. For example, burns on the cornea of an eye could be at first mistaken as minor eye irritation caused by the fire. In addition, an itchy nose or throat could be mistaken as minor symptoms of being around smoke, when in reality, they could be indicative of soot inhalation that causes swelling to nasal passageways.

As hours and days pass after a plant explosion, it is crucial that victims and their families pay attention to discreet warning signs that may appear. Although some symptoms such as headaches and nausea might seem normal, they could be indicative of a much more serious problem. Fires expose their victims to carbon monoxide, which in certain quantities, can be poisonous to the body. In addition, chemical asphyxiants and lower levels of oxygen can affect a person's mental status. Changes in skin color, fainting episodes, seizures, and coma can all result from the inhalation of harmful smoke.

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Whether you suffered third degree burns or your symptoms suggest you are suffering from the prolonged effects of harmful amounts of smoke inhalation, you should not wait to speak with an attorney. Second only to the medical professional who is treating you for your injury and / or illness, an attorney is the most important professional to have on your side after a plant explosion. For this reason, we suggest that you speak with an industrial injury lawyer at our office.

Arnold & Itkin LLP is a personal injury law firm that has devoted a specific branch of its practice entirely to the representation of victims of industrial accidents. If you suffered from the damages of smoke inhalation, you deserve to be compensated for your troubles. Smoke inhalation is widely undervalued by professionals in the field, especially those who are looking for obvious ways to acquire compensation for their clients; however, we recognize the seriousness of these claims. As such, we are prepared to help you take your case to court. Don't wait to contact our office today.

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