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Forklift Accident Lawyer

Injured in a forklift accident?

Forklift trucks have proved to be an invaluable part of reducing worker load by assisting in the transport of materials across the workplace. The use of forklifts has helped reduce common musculoskeletal injuries that are caused by repetitive lifting and carrying activities. Unfortunately, improperly maintained or operated forklifts cause a large number of accidents in the workplace. According to OSHA estimates, approximately 680,400 forklift accidents take place each year. These result in injuries to approximately 9,000 employees, most of whom are pedestrian workers.

Some common forklift accidents include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Employees struck by falling load
  • Employees struck by powered forklifts
  • Forklift tip over
  • Electrocutions
  • Falls from forklift

Often, forklift accidents take place because of improper design of the workplace. Narrow aisles, blind spots, presence of building columns, poor turning radius, intersection or door obstructions, the presence of ramps, and the condition of the loading dock can all contribute to an inefficient and unsafe workplace that can lead to forklift accidents.

Prevention of Forklift Accidents

A forklift load may be too heavy, may be unstable, or may obstruct vision, creating conditions for an accident. The forklift truck itself may be in poor condition because of inadequate maintenance. Mechanical failures like malfunctioning brakes and clutch can create unsafe driving conditions for the forklift operator and can endanger other workers.

Without adequate training in safe forklift operation, a forklift operator may adopt poor techniques such as dangerous turning and backing methods, improper parking, and failure to warn others about the presence of the forklift nearby. Miscommunication between operators and pedestrian workers while a forklift is in operation can also lead to collisions.

If you are looking to prevent such an accident, the following tips should be kept in mind:

  • Any safety devices on the forklift must be sufficient and properly functioning;
  • Controls and displays must be well laid out and visible.
  • The forklift must include all extra tools and accessories that are necessary for safe operation;
  • Assignment of forklift operators should be done to ensure forklifts are handled only by trained operators;
  • Many accidents can be prevented if OSHA requirements related to forklift operation are followed;
  • While the forklift is in operation, the operator must look for signs of potential dangers (ex:sparks and flames);
  • Any defects must be repaired before the forklift is put into operation;
  • Employers must undertake preventive maintenance of the forklift per manufacturer recommendations; and
  • The workplace must be kept free of obstructions that impact visibility or affect safe operation of the forklift.

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