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Workplace Truck Accident Attorney

Injured in an 18-wheeler accident while on the job?

Truck accidents in the workplace can involve semi trucks, dump trucks, and tractor trailers, among many others. Most truck accidents take place during the loading and unloading of materials—especially in the logging industry. These accidents can involve the unexpected release of logs from the truck and unexpected loader movement. OSHA regulations require the correct securing and release of logs, as well as clear work areas that minimize the risk of accidents.

For instance, during the actual loading and unloading activities, only the operator and employees involved in the process must be present in the loading area. Tie downs should be left intact until conditions are ready for unloading. In case of manual tie downs, release must only take place on the side where the unloading machinery is located. The truck must be carefully positioned with a clear workplace between the deck and the truck. The load must be carefully secured.

Working to Prevent Trucking Accidents

Many truck accidents can be traced to lack of inspection and maintenance. Trucks are required to support heavy loads and are subject to strenuous duty cycles. Negligent maintenance can be the reason for a serious accident. OSHA regulations outline the correct inspection procedures for trailers. These include examination of the undercarriage for missing components, checking for damage to door hinges and floors, etc.

Driver training is an important part of reducing the rate of truck accidents. For instance, many accidents involve the transportation of hazardous materials and leakage of toxic waste. In such cases, the driver must be trained and have the necessary equipment to minimize leaks and spills to the extent possible. Employees must be trained to assess the risks rising from these spills and use the personal protection gear that is provided to them. These include the wearing of respiratory gear that protects against the inhalation of hazardous fumes.

If the truck driver is expected to be responsible for the stopping of dangerous leaks and cleaning up of any spills, then he must be trained at least to a hazardous materials technician level. Employers are required to provide for the safe securing of trucks and trailers to loading docks to prevent truck and trailer movement during the loading / unloading process. All add-ons, accessories, and additional mechanical equipment must be installed, operated, and maintained as per the recommendations of the manufacturer. Any damaged mechanical components must be repaired immediately.

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