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Injury from Falling Objects

In the industrial workplace, workers are often at risk of heavy objects being displaced and falling from above. Falling object accidents occur due to a lack of communication that prevents workers from being warned when work is going on overhead, when loads are being moved or secured improperly, or when protective head gear is not worn.

Causes of Injuries from Falling Objects

  • Inadequate signage warning about work going on overhead
  • Falling objects dropped by workers at a higher level
  • Objects falling from construction scaffolding and platforms
  • Dropped hand tools and equipment being used on a higher level
  • Loose boxes or other objects that get displaced and fall off from stacked merchandise
  • Improperly secured loads being lifted or carried overhead, leading to objects getting dislodged

Prevention of Accidents from Falling Objects

  • Canopies or nets must be used to catch any falling objects
  • Any loads that must be lifted to a high position must be secured properly with strong restraints
  • If a load is placed on a construction scaffold, there must be secured guardrails
  • Workers must be discouraged from lifting loads or lowering them over other workers' heads
  • All precautions must be taken to prevent materials from falling from a platform while they are being stacked
  • When any overhead work is going on, workers below must be given sufficient warning with signs or barricades
  • Workers must be provided protective equipment (ex: hardhats) to protect them from injuries

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