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About Unsafe Machinery Claims

Employers are required to furnish a safe work environment for employees; this includes the provision of safe machinery and equipment for work. A safe machine is one that has a minimal risk of causing injuries or accidents to workers and includes the presence of appropriate safeguards in the form of injury-preventing barriers and devices.

Examples of unsafe machinery in the workplace include:

  • Machinery with an exposed flywheel
  • Equipment with an unguarded cutter, blade, pulley belt, or emery wheel
  • Electrical machinery that is improperly insulated, has loose or exposed wires, or insufficient grounding
  • Equipment with powered doors that lack warning alarms
  • Derricks or cranes that are defective or poorly maintained
  • Machinery with rotating or moving parts, including food slicers, meat grinders, wood chippers, etc.

Preventing Accidents Relating to Unsafe Equipment

The operation of machinery that lacks effective safety devices or components can result in accidents leading to amputation, crushing injuries, or even death. It is obviously in the best interest of many people to not only protect those who have been injured in these types of accidents, but also to prevent these from occurring in the future.

Some tips for prevention include the following:

  • Properly guard unsafe machinery so workers are discouraged from entering the work area;
  • Effective safeguards that prevent workers from putting their hands into dangerous points of operation;
  • Providing protective equipment to workers who are responsible for operating the machine;
  • Repairing any malfunction or fault in a machine as soon as it is observed;
  • Paying special attention to workers' safety during the operation, cleaning, and repair of the machinery;
  • Restricting non-essential personnel from entry into work areas that contain pieces of unsafe machinery; and
  • Proper procedures in place so machines have their power supply turned off during maintenance and cleaning.

Employers may not be able to avoid having potentially dangerous machinery in the workplace, but they are required to install safety devices, train workers in the use of it, provide for a clear view of the work area, and post warning signs to maintain a safe working environment. For example, having a large hydraulic press in a plant does not itself violate any safety standards, but the failure to provide guards to cover dangerous parts of the equipment can be a violation.

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