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Blunt Force Trauma Injury

Helping Clients with Blunt Force Wounds

Injuries from blunt force trauma are received from the impact of a heavy object colliding with a section of the human body. The trauma is only considered a blunt force wound if the object that causes the trauma stays outside of the body. If the object enters the body, it is then considered to be a stab or pierce wound.

The actual impact of the object on the body is what is considered blunt force trauma, but these injuries can result in other conditions such as:

  • Concussions
  • Contusions
  • Fractures
  • Internal Injuries

When a worker receives a blunt force injury, it is likely the result of falling off of an elevated position, such as scaffolding or ladders. Blunt force trauma may also be the result of getting hit or struck by a heavy object, such as drivable workplace machinery, falling equipment or materials, etc.

Types of Blunt Force Trauma Injuries

  • Head Injury: Many blunt force injuries involve the skull or head. Usually, construction workers and miners are at-risk for head injury due to the various elevated platforms in and around buildings. One hammer falling four or five stories can do serious harm to an individual unfortunate enough to be struck at the bottom. As work in these environments is often fast-paced, safety regulations are at times forfeited for the sake of time. This can lead to hazardous workplace environments where workers are prone to blunt force trauma.
  • Brain Injury: A blunt force trauma injury to the head may lead to a brain injury. Although brain injuries are extremely dangerous, not all brain injuries show serious symptoms. At times, the only visible effect of brain trauma may be swelling or discoloration of the affected area, but these symptoms can hint at deadly injuries underneath the surface. When the head is struck by blunt force, the brain can "rock" back and forth inside the skull. In some cases, this “rocking” can be more dangerous than the blunt force trauma itself. When the brain is shaken inside the skull, it can result in the brain tearing sensitive nerve fibers. The damage to these fibers can cause loss of brain function in varying degrees. In mild cases, the patient may have short-term memory issues for some time. In moderate cases, epilepsy may be triggered, causing the injured to have onset seizures from outside stimuli. In severe cases, the patient could require rehabilitative therapy.
  • Eye Injury: The eye is an extremely delicate organ that is susceptible to numerous workplace hazards. Many workplace eye injuries are a result of trauma to the eye socket or eye bone. A “black eye” is a signifier that an eye has sustained moderate damage from a blunt force impact, but in most cases black eyes are not a reason to visit a medical professional. However, if the socket is broken or fractured, then a visit to the doctor will result in surgery on the socket as broken bone fragments may need to be removed or realigned.
  • Injury to the Abdomen: Abdominal blunt force trauma is similar to the trauma that an individual receives in an automobile accident. Blunt force trauma to the abdomen can cause significant damage to internal organs such as the spleen, liver, stomach, and intestines.

These injuries are similar to brain injuries in that the superficial appearance of the injury may not indicate the real amount of damage done to the internal organs. This is why it is critical that those who are hit by a blunt force in the abdomen or head immediately seek hospital care. A patient may feel completely fine, but end up having grievous internal injuries that require prompt medical attention.

Protecting Victims of Blunt Force Trauma

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