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Injuries to the Neck & Back

Back Injury Information

According to OSHA, at least a million American workers suffer back injuries in the workplace each year. They form a quarter of all workers' compensation payments in the country, besides causing a great deal of suffering and hardship to workers. Activities that involve bending and twisting of the body like lifting, carrying, and lowering are the most likely to result in back injury. Most of these injuries affect the lower back and occur when employees are involved in heavy lifting.

Back injury can easily be prevented if appropriate strength testing is done to determine the maximum load an individual can carry. Workers must be discouraged from carrying loads in excess of that weight. They must also have access to physical training programs that help them develop strength in the back muscles that are used in the performance of common injury causing activities. Workers must be trained in proper lifting and carrying techniques that don't place as much pressure on the lower back. Mechanical lifting and carrying equipment can take some of the strain off workers. Loads that have to be carried must be of a compact size and have appropriate handles that make them easy to carry.

Neck Injury Information

Neck injury can occur as a result of repetitive movements that strain the neck and shoulder area. Physical activities that call for a static load to be placed in the neck and shoulder region, repeated movements of the arm and shoulders, or extreme work posture that strains the muscles of this region can lead to neck injuries that can have long lasting effects. Moreover, the use of vibrating tools like drills and electric saws can place pressure on the musculoskeletal system.

Employers must identify the kind of repetitive tasks that can result in neck injury and train workers in the correct techniques to minimize the risk of such injuries. Regular breaks between repetitive tasks can take some of the pressure off the neck and shoulder muscles. The work area must be sufficiently illuminated to prevent the need for stretching of the neck for better visibility while working. Employers must also recognize the early signs of a developing neck injury and take steps to minimize its effects before the condition worsens.

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