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Attorney Noah Wexler

With over a decade of legal experience, Noah Wexler has handled tens of thousands of cases and has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars. With a keen eye for detail, Noah is a skilled negotiator and is able to quickly identify the points that will force companies and insurers to offer fair compensation. Determined to craft the best possible case, Noah represents clients throughout the Gulf Coast and all of the United States.

Helping people when they’ve got nowhere else to turn is what inspires Noah to be an effective trial attorney. He has focused his entire legal practice on representing the needs and interests of injured workers. Leading Arnold & Itkin’s efforts against manufacturers of transvaginal mesh products and dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, Noah has demonstrated an unyielding commitment to advocate on the behalf of injured victims. He was also pivotal in representing the individuals who had suffered from the Deepwater Horizon explosion.

This tenacious commitment has led to consistent and notable success. Because he is always working toward success, Noah makes it a point to start preparing for trial immediately after taking a case. He is sure to calculate every step and is well-equipped to challenge the largest companies and the law firms that defend them.

Noah’s legal abilities have been recognized by the legal community, and he has been included in The Best Lawyers in America® for Admiralty and Maritime Law, listed as a Texas Super Lawyer® Rising Star, selected as one of Texas’ Top Attorneys and Outstanding Young Lawyers, has been acknowledged by the Texas Monthly as one of Texas’ Up-And-Coming 100 attorneys, and has received a Lifetime Achievement award. Moreover, the National Trial Lawyers has listed him as a Top 40 Under 40, he has been recognized in the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by The National Trial Lawyers, and the National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys has appointed him as one of the Top 10 Under 40. He was also named to the 10 Best Attorneys by American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys and has earned membership in both the Million and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. As an active member of the legal community, he is a part of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, the American Bar Association, and the American Association for Justice.

As a Houston native, Noah attended the University of Texas where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Economics. He also attended South Texas College of Law and graduated cum laude with his law degree. Even in his academic career, he was dedicated to excellence, receiving many accolades and serving as an assistant editor for the South Texas Law Review. During this time of his life, he was also afforded the opportunity to serve as a judicial clerk in the 11th Judicial District Court of Harris County.

Due to his extensive trial experience, taking 20+ cases to verdict and obtaining thousands of dollars, Noah’s ability to effectively represent his clients speaks for itself. Not only is he licensed to practice law in Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania, but he has also presented on matters before the United States Supreme Court. Additionally, he has represented clients in a number of United States District Courts, as well as, the United States Third and Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and Texas’ First and Fourteenth Court of Appeals.

    $205 Million Record Settlement Achieved for Multiple Clients

    Arnold & Itkin LLP secured a massive settlement for a group of clients despite multiple legal obstacles.

    Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Jason Itkin, Noah Wexler, and Caj Boatright negotiated a record-setting settlement for nearly a quarter of a billion dollars on behalf of a group of clients. Our attorneys took dozens of depositions against a well-equipped defendant, enduring years of hard-fought litigation. Finally, we overcame procedural and substantive hurdles and settled with the defendant shortly before trial.

    Confidential Settlement Achieved for Victims

    Arnold & Itkin LLP obtained a large settlement for the claimants after several years of work.

    Arnold & Itkin LLP attorneys secured a massive confidential settlement. The resolution came after several years of hard work, effort, and time spent protecting our clients' rights.

    $110 Million Recovered in Defective Product Case

    Our firm helped recover $110 million on behalf of individuals who suffered from the use of dangerous product.

    Arnold & Itkin’s legal team represented individuals who had been harmed by the use of dangerous, defective products. We achieved a record settlement on their behalf, recovering $110 million.

    $105 Million Recovered for Victims of Defective Products

    After suffering from defective products, the victims turned to our firm. We helped obtain $105 million on their behalf.

    At our firm, we are proud to announce that we recently achieved a record settlement on behalf of clients who had suffered from the use of dangerous, defective products. In the end, we recovered $105 million.

    $75 Million Confidential Settlement Negotiated for Multiple Clients

    Arnold & Itkin LLP obtained an eight-figure sum for a group of injured claimants.

    Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Jason Itkin, Caj Boatright, and Noah Wexler settled a case for $75 million despite sizable legal obstacles. Initially, our clients' case was at risk of never going to trial. Our attorneys won a series of rulings that allowed the case to come forward. Once we removed every obstacle from our clients' way, the defendant settled with them for a massive eight-figure settlement.

    $72 Million Recovery for Injured Worker

    Our firm has obtained a record settlement for a worker who lost his arm in a tragic accident.

    Jason Itkin, Cory Itkin, and Kurt Arnold are pleased that they were able to resolve a case for an injured worker for $72 million. The worker lost his arm and suffered other injuries in a terrible oil field accident. Arnold & Itkin LLP was able to resolve the case in less than two years and one week before trial. It is believed that the settlement is a record victory. The settlement funds will ensure that the injured client will have the best medical care possible for the rest of his life. The responsible companies made several changes to its procedures to ensure that this type of tragedy does not happen again.

    Attorney's fees and expenses totaled $29,340,369.87.

    $28 Million Settlement Secured

    Our injury firm settled a massive case for our clients in a confidential resolution.

    Arnold & Itkin LLP has secured the future for our client with a life-changing case result. Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Jason Itkin, Noah Wexler, and Caj Boatright obtained a $28 million settlement as the result of a confidential case resolution. Our firm is pleased with the result because we know it will go toward providing our client with lifelong stability.

    $12.5 Million Award for Victims of Major Oil Spill

    An award of $12.5 million was obtained by the team at Arnold & Itkin to cover the economic losses suffered by victims of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

    Victims of the tragic Deepwater Horizon oil spill benefited from the representation of Kurt Arnold and Noah Wexler at Arnold & Itkin. The team navigated the complex case and resolved the legal and administrative dilemmas that arose. As a result, they obtained substantial compensation on behalf of the victims to cover the economic damages suffered.

    $12 Million Settlement Obtained for Injured Truck Driver

    Arnold & Itkin secured a massive settlement for a truck driver who suffered a stroke while unloading heavy cargo—causing him severe and permanent injuries.

    Attorney Cory Itkin has secured a sizable $12 million settlement for our client—every penny of which will be needed to care for his permanent disabilities. Our client was working as a truck driver when, while unloading cargo, he suffered a massive stroke. As a result, the heavy cargo he was unloading fell on him, causing further injury. The defendants attempted to blame his injuries on being overweight and unloading the cargo improperly, but Cory cut through their arguments quickly. The defendants were finally left with no choice but to settle. Our team is thrilled that our client will receive the medical care and financial stability he deserves for the rest of his life.

    Attorney's fees and expenses totaled $5,102,160.96.

    $10M Recovered for Family of People Killed in Major Accident

    Attorneys Jason Itkin and Noah Wexler reached an eight figure settlement on behalf of a family who lost two loved ones in a major motor vehicle accident that involved an 18-wheeler running a red light.

    Our firm represented the family of two individuals who were killed after an 18-wheeler ran a red light and crashed into their vehicle. Attorneys Jason Itkin and Noah Wexler represented the family members during the case and fought hard to hold the company responsible, ultimately reaching an eight figure settlement.

    Attorney's fees and expenses totaled $3,443,971.99.

    $9.25 Million Award for Fire Victim

    Arnold & Itkin fought for a family that lost a loved one in a fire. They received $9.25 million as a result of the firm’s representation.

    Attorneys Jason Itkin & Noah Wexler were proud to represent a family who lost their loved one to a disastrous fire. Although the defendants contested liability and raised objections to try and defeat the family’s claims, the firm overcame each defense. Prior to trial, the defendants offered compensation and an award was given to the family.

    Arnold & Itkin Team Secures $9,000,000 for Landowners

    Louisiana landowners were represented by Kurt Arnold who brought suit against big oil companies attempting to clean out their property.

    A settlement, valued at over $9 million, was reached on behalf of Louisiana landowners. Kurt Arnold was able to represent these men and women who brought suit against big oil companies bent on cleaning up their property. The land in question had been in these landowners' families for generations and the plaintiffs were concerned about contamination by oilfield operations. Arnold & Itkin attorneys were able to contact experts in the industry who determined the level of contamination that oil companies usually leave behind and they found it was typical for oil companies to refrain from cleaning up or remove their equipment after their operations were over. The lawsuit ended in a large settlement for the families of the landowners as well as full restoration of their properties by the oil companies.

    Attorney's fees and expenses totaled $3,668,864.00.

    $7 Million Recovered for Burn Injury Victims

    Arnold & Itkin attorneys helped represent the rights of four individuals who were catastrophically injured after an accident at an oil refinery. We successfully recovered $7 million on their behalf.

    Attorneys Jason Itkin, Cory Itkin, and Noah Wexler represented four clients who had been catastrophically injured when an explosion occurred at an oil refinery. The accident caused hot steam and coking material to cover our clients after throwing them into a handrail. Our clients suffered severe injuries, as well as burns to their face, head, back, legs, arms, and more—even though they had been wearing protective gear at the time of the incident. Our firm is proud to have reached a $7 million settlement on our clients’ behalf.

    Attorney's fees and expenses totaled $3,629,126.77.

    $2.875M Settlement for Seriously Injured Worker

    Our law firm was successful in uncovering the truth in a case where a worker sustained serious crush injuries to his arm and hand. In the end, we reached a favorable settlement of $2,875,000 on our client’s behalf.

    After a serious accident left our client with crush injuries to his arm and hand, he turned to Arnold & Itkin LLP for help. Attorneys Jason Itkin, Noah Wexler, Ben Bireley, and Rebecca Adam stepped up to represent the hurt worker, facing a defendant who not only refused to take responsibility, but denied the incident ever happened. We worked tirelessly to uncover the truth on behalf of our client and reached a settlement of $2.875M.

    Attorney's fees and expenses totaled $1,435,442.73.

    $2.5 Million Settlement Negotiated for Injured Vessel Worker

    Arnold & Itkin LLP helped our client secure a multimillion-dollar settlement when he suffered a lower back injury while working aboard a vessel.

    Attorneys Jason Itkin, Noah Wexler, and Rebecca Adams recovered $4 million for our client, who was working as a seaman aboard a vessel. Our client was injured when he was asked to lift a heavy load without proper support, causing a disc herniation in his lower back. The injury was severe enough to require surgery. The defendant settled the case prior to trial, which was pending in Harris County, Texas.

    Attorney's fees and expenses totaled $1,051,842.70.

    $2.35 Million Settlement Reached for Injured Deckhand

    Our legal team reached a favorable settlement of $2,350,000 for a woman injured while working as a deckhand. She suffered a back injury when the tugboat that she was on collided with another vessel.

    Attorneys Jason Itkin, Cory Itkin, and Noah Wexler worked together to recover $2,350,000 on behalf of a woman working as a deckhand who suffered a back injury severe enough to require surgery after her tugboat hit another vessel. In the aftermath of the collision, both vessel owners denied liability, choosing to instead blame the other vessel. They also attempted to minimize our client’s injuries—arguing her claim was not credible, her medical bills were overstated, and that she was indeed able to return to work. Utilizing the Limitation of Liability Act, they also attempted to cap their damages. This effort was blocked when Cory Itkin won in federal court trial. After, we reached a favorable settlement just before the second trial for damages was to begin in state court.

    Attorney's fees and expenses totaled $1,211,098.26.

    $2 Million for Gas Release Victims

    The attorneys at Arnold & Itkin LLP won a $2 million settlement for 4 plaintiffs who were near a gas release at a Texas Exxon refinery.

    A massive settlement was secured on behalf of four plaintiffs who were injured in a gas release at at Exxon refinery in Texas. The case, which involved numerous complex legal hurdles and even the Texas Supreme Court, resulted in a $2 million settlement to Arnold & Itkin's clients.

    Attorney's fees and expenses totaled $1,042,885.64.

    $1,500,000 Jury Verdict Recovered in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

    Arnold & Itkin obtained $1.5 million for a family who lost a loved one due to dangerous working conditions at a UPS warehouse.

    Cory Itkin and Ryan MacLeod of Arnold & Itkin argued and won a case in Harris County that found UPS had acted with gross negligence, not just ordinary negligence, in creating dangerous working conditions that led to the death of a young man who worked in one of their warehouses. The UPS worker suffered a cardiac arrhythmia while working in a warehouse that wasn’t air-conditioned during the heat of summer. UPS argued that the young man was already known to have a serious heart condition since birth, and that the man had worked there for the past six years and knew the working conditions, which were typical for UPS warehouses. Before trial, they offered the bereaved family no more than $150,000. Arnold & Itkin was able to obtain the unanimous verdict needed to deem that UPS was responsible for dangerous working conditions due to their gross negligence, securing $1.5 million in compensation for the surviving family members.

    $1.2 Million Recovered for Victim of Toxic Inhalation

    After inhaling toxic fumes on a tugboat, our client suffered lung injuries. Our firm took on the case, winning in federal court trial and then reaching a favorable settlement just before the second trial in state court.

    The legal team of Jason Itkin, Cory Itkin, and Noah Wexler helped a Beeville, Texas deckhand who inhaled toxic fumes on a tugboat and suffered lung injuries as a result. According to the defendants, the barge connected to the tugboat did not have toxic materials present, which would have made our client’s injuries impossible. They also pursue a case in federal court involving the Limitation of Liability Act in an attempt to cap their damages. Despite these efforts, Cory Itkin first won the case in federal court (Houston, TX) and then reached a favorable settlement just before a second trial on damages was to be held in state court (Galveston County, TX).

    Attorney's fees and expenses totaled $539,647.96.

    $1.1 Million Settlement Obtained for Victim of Multivehicle Truck Accident

    Arnold & Itkin negotiated a seven-figure settlement right before trial was scheduled to start, despite the defendant refusing to acknowledge fault.

    Attorneys Noah Wexler, Ben Bireley, and Rebecca Adams reached a settlement for a man who suffered serious back and neck injuries in a multi-vehicle accident—one of which was an 18-wheeler. Our client's injuries demanded multiple surgeries, keeping him from earning a living. Despite his serious injuries, the defendant downplayed our client's pain and attempted to shift the blame onto the other vehicles in the accident. Arnold & Itkin worked right up to the trial to hold the company accountable for their employee's conduct. Our team's efforts paid off—at the last minute, the company decided to settle with our client rather than face a jury. We are proud to have helped our client get the justice and stability he needed while he recuperates from his injuries.

    Attorney's fees and expenses totaled $461,061.89.

    $975,000 Settlement Reached for Hurt Truck Driver

    Noah Wexler and Ben Bireley represented a trucker hurt by another’s careless driving and were ultimately successful in reaching a favorable settlement of $975,000 on his behalf.

    After suffering from the careless driving of another, an injured truck driver turned to our firm for help. Noah Wexler and Ben Bireley took on the case and successfully reached a $975,000 settlement on his behalf.

    Attorney's fees and expenses totaled $421,615.98.

    $750,000 Settlement Secured for Victim of 18-Wheeler Crash

    Arnold & Itkin obtained a settlement from a trucking company on behalf of a woman injured by one of its drivers.

    Attorneys Ben Bireley and Noah Wexler reached a settlement on behalf of a woman who was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler. She was traveling on I-45 south when her car was struck by a commercial truck. Despite being rear-ended, the driver and his employer denied any liability for the woman's injuries, which were significant. However, once we started demanding answers, they quickly changed directions—shortly after, they settled with our client for $750,000. Thanks to the settlement, our client will get medical care without worrying about the future.

    Attorney's fees and expenses totaled $333,481.11.

    * Client’s portion of total recovery may be subject to Medicare / Medicaid reimbursement claims, Medicare / Medicaid liens or other third-party claims or liens. These verdicts and settlements are intended to be representative of cases handled by Arnold & Itkin LLP. These listings are not a guarantee or prediction of the outcome of any other claims.

    Client's portion of total recovery may be subject to Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement claims, Medicare/Medicaid liens or other third-party claims or liens. These verdicts and settlements are intended to be representative of cases handled by Arnold & Itkin, LLP. These listings are not a guarantee or prediction of the outcome of any other claims.

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